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I understand, by consenting to get involved with the “You Evolving Now Employer Program” with my employer, I will receive access to all wellness resources available including the following:

  • EVOLVE with You Evolving Now! We are all busy… allow your employees to live better lives, not just busy lives. You Evolving Now will impact your employees in the workplace, in the community, and in their homes. You Evolving Now is a movement of positivity, healthy living, and life enrichment; offering a variety of life improvement features to reach one’s full potential. The focus is providing men and women with the knowledge, motivation, how-to’s, and opportunities to EVOLVE, impact their lives and others, and expand their social network with positive like-minded individuals interested in being their best selves and EVOLVING in every role and aspect of life.Studies suggest that if employee well-being is undermined, key organizational performance factors can be negatively impacted. By maintaining good emotional, physical, and psychological health, your employees are better able to function in the workplace; not to mention living a more intentional life in all roles outside of work as partners, parents, son/daughters/siblings, friends, etc. and reaching their full potential.

    A review of studies on Corporate Wellness Programs focused on emotional well-being found the following:

    • Increased Productivity
    • Decreased work conflict
    • Decreased grievances and disciplinary incidents
    • Decreased sickness and absenteeism
    • Increased morale and positive work atmosphere
    • Improved customer service and quality

    A review of the most up-to-date evidence suggests that building the following five actions into our day-to-day lives is important for well-being:

    • Connecting with others
    • Being Active
    • Taking notice and savoring each moment
    • Consistent learning
    • Giving to others

    What we offer?

    • You Evolving Now Quote/Question of the Day!
    • You Evolving Now Weekly Lunch & Grow – Utilize Andre Young’s Thought of the Week Video during lunch or team meetings to facilitate conversation of important life topics and EVOLVE as a team, staff, and company on a weekly basis.
    • 6 site visits per year!  Founder & CEO, Andre Young and other experts (finance, fitness, nutrition, love/relationships, etc.); presenting life-enrichment seminars.
    • 6 M.E.N. and W.O.M.E.N. Forum per year on site – EVOLVE as a You Evolving Now facilitates Forums for your employees on various life topics; allowing an evolution in their lives and your company
    • You Evolving Now Thought of the Week – Founder & CEO, Andre Young, answers and asks questions from his EVOLVE book. Sharing life experiences propelling you toward success in the various roles you play.
    • You Evolving Now Monthly Vlog – Founder & CEO, Andre Young presents his topic of the month; focused on personal development and improved relationships.
    • You Evolving Now Monthly Life-Enrichment Video – Become well rounded as you learn from various professionals in the areas of finance, real estate, cooking, fashion, and more!
    • You Evolving Now in 3! – Watch or participate in our monthly show; interviewing members and assisting in making their dreams come true!
    • Attend M.E.N. Monthly Forum – EVOLVE as you connect with men as they discuss daily life topics in a positive and goal-oriented way.
    • Attend W.O.M.E.N. Monthly Forum – EVOLVE as you connect with women as they discuss daily life topics in a positive and goal-oriented way.
    • Attend Monthly Fun Community Events and upcoming annual convention of members
    • You Evolving Now Employee Life-Enrichment Program 


    Workplace Impact!

    You Evolving Now’s Weekly Lunch & Grow:

    • Employees meet for organized lunch time or team meeting and utilize You Evolving Now’s Thought of the week. As Founder and CEO, Andre Young, asks profound questions for his EVOLVE Book, provides insight, and asks the questions back to your staff for Forum discussion
    • Increases awareness and motivation to EVOLVE in various roles as: individuals, employees, siblings, sons/daughters, boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives, parents; leading to more positive and impactful interactions and lifestyle, as well as reaching one’s full potential.
    • Facilitates bonding experiences as employees discuss and explore a variety of life topics; making the bonds of co-workers more personal and team driven.
    • Allows employees to experience increase motivation, inspiration, and dedication to improving their personal and professional lives; leading to increased productivity, improved company morale, and personal growth.
    • Increases abstract thinking related to variety of real-life topics and co-worker interaction


    Community Impact!

    You Evolving Now

    • Employees attend monthly Forums in the community. Employees and Members share and celebrate positives of their month, explore topics rarely discussed: marriage, fun, dating, finances, success, etc., and set personal goals. By experiencing and listening to a variety of responses and viewpoints employees EVOLVE by learning from and with one another.
    • Enhances interpersonal skills and life skills for the ever-evolving person
    • Many men and women are busy and simply existing and focused on “making it” through the day.; feeling stuck in their job, relationship, and life. Y.E.N. offers monthly event and monthly fun community events. Meet new people in your community, network, and have fun! Two scheduled events per month with positive and like-minded people; the more self-aware, understanding, empathetic, and well-rounded…the bigger the impact on their clientele, organization, and lifestyle. Y.E.N. facilitates growth, professionalism, reaching one’s full potential and lifestyle enhancement.
    • Develop a personal rating scale of their existence as an individual and their various roles as siblings, sons/daughters, friends, students, employees so you can live a better lifestyle.
    • You Evolving Now provides a rating scale for the various roles students play. Allowing students increased self-awareness and an opportunity to EVOLVE; intentionally improving influential relationships.
    • Increases tolerance and understanding for differing opinions and opposing views
    • Participation in Forums and Events promote diversity and life learning.


    Home Impact!

    You Evolving Now’s Personal Growth Website:

    • Increases overall daily positivity, motivation, and life-enrichment practices with You Evolving Now’s Quote/Question of the Day.
    • EVOLVES employees with You Evolving Now Blog three times per week; with a focus on improving relationships, parenting, and open-mindedness.
    • Enhances well-roundedness and increases knowledge base with You Evolving Now’s Monthly Life-Enrichment Video. Employees learn skills and information related a variety of topics: fashion, cooking, dance, real-estate, car repair, etc. so you can reach your full potential.


    Wellness and Lifestyle Impact!

    6 Visits to your company per year

    • Andre Young, Founder and CEO, of You Evolving Now will visit your site twice per year to meet, greet and conduct a You Evolving Now Seminars (Love & Relationships and Success!)
    • ID Life and certified nutritionist will visit your site once per year to present nutrition, healthy eating, and options to purchase all natural nutritional and health enriching products.
    • Legal Shield will visit your site once per year to make your employees aware and prepared for 24hr legal service and identity theft protection.
    • Finance Experts, teaching wealth mindset and ways to make money work harder for you
    • Certified Fitness Trainer, teaching health and fitness tips

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I understand, by consenting to get involved with the “You Evolving Now Employer Program” with my employer, I will receive access to all wellness resources available including all listed above.

Through the positive reinforcement with You Evolving Now, it will allow me to EVOLVE in every role I play and aspect of life; at home, in the community, at work, and relationally!

I also understand I will have immediate access to all membership-only information on as well as invited to all events and the Facebook Private Group.

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Live your best life and EVOLVE!

You Evolving Now’s mission is personal growth and life enrichment; offering our personal growth website and hosts our You Evolving Now club’s, Men Evolving Now and Women Evolving Now