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A Leader’s 3 C’s; How to Evolve Your Business!

Most entrepreneurs I know and people in professional positions of leadership would like to grow their business and evolve their organization and teams as they march into the future. Growing your business may mean adding new clients/customers, increasing your revenue, expanding geographically, etc. Evolving your organization may mean adding new services, eliminating services, trainings for your people, strategic planning, injecting the right people for the desired culture of your organization, and more! This can all be a whirlwind, so what’s an easy concept for you and your organization to be mindful of? A Leader’s 3 C’s: Create, Close, & Calm!



If you’re reading this, CONGRATS to you for the position you hold within your organization or as an entrepreneur; it’s taken a lot of hard work and personal drive to get where you are! Create, is the first C; as it’s monumentally important for you to continue to “Create, Create, Create!”. This is what I use to yell from the stands as my sons played basketball. It’s your job as a leader to create opportunities for your people, your organization, and yourself!

For Your People –  Opportunities are created through growth and evolution. As the company grows and evolves you will need more people to fill seats, and also rise to the ranks of manager, supervisor, director, etc. Remember, this is great, but doesn’t mean they know how to lead. Leadership involves your people knowing how to positively influence, impact lives professionally and personally, protect their people and the organization, make decisions, and maintain high standards. This is a skill and can be learned, but not without YOU as a leader providing the opportunity!

As a leader it’s our job to create opportunity for our people; whether it’s with our organization or beyond. No one will ever forget who helped them become great… they will either be a benefit for our organization or to someone else’s’. Many leaders have an issue with the latter; training people, making them better, only for them to leave! The truth is… as you begin to train your people, you will have the “great problem” of having a surplus of talent, and there’s not always enough opportunity to go around. Leaders must be OK with losing good people… it’s a win-win. You’ve benefitted your company with a great training system, great people, and have now become a “Gold-Star Name” for people to have on their resume that the world will respect. Not Bad!

For Your Organization – Awesome, your company has been successful with whatever your product/s are! You know like I know, change is coming… it always does! As a leader, be mindful to create three things for your organization:

  1. New Ways to Sell Old Product! – As an example, perhaps mailed flyers worked to help promote your product in the past and is still lucrative for you. As technology changes and your customer/client changes… what are new ways to market your old product? When TikTok came out, I was against it and didn’t want to invest time in one more Social Media outlet (I still haven’t done TikToc and have found LinkedIn to be best for my business). However, one day, my son and I were driving and he shared a bit of financial advice in our conversation. I was floored as he was 17 years old! I asked him where he learned it and he said, “Gary Vee”. If you don’t know Gary Vee, he’s a world-renowned influencer and business mogul. I asked, “How do you know who Gary Vee is?”. My son said, “TikToc!”. Don’t be afraid or leery of creating a new way to sell your old product!


  1. Create New Products! – As leaders, you must be willing to listen to your customer base and your front-line people. What do your customers what and how do they want it? What are your front-line people experiencing with the customer and what would they suggest fine-tuning? If the answers to these questions are reasonable and doable for what you can add, subtract, or modify… do it and EVOLVE! The way my business, You Evolving Now, started is not what it is today and would have died if I was married to how I was initially serving the public. Remember, Marry your vision but not the path!


  1. Create Culture! – As your business or organization grows, what do you want it to be like and feel like day-in and day-out for you and your people? You may have worked in places that paid you well, but you’d prefer to never step foot in the building or speak with a boss. You may have worked at a place that paid peanuts, but it was awesome being there… you just couldn’t pay your bills. This comes down to you having and sharing your Vision, establishing expectations, and maintaining high standards… being willing to celebrate the great times and having tough conversations with your people when rules and expectations are broken.

For Yourself – This is simple, yet powerful! As you create opportunity for your people and the organization… it inherently creates opportunity for YOU! Perhaps it will come in the form of recognition, raises, promotion, new opportunities, etc. When you create greatness… people seem to notice!



Businesses must make money! In order to make money and thrive, organizations must close deals with their customers/clients… and their employees!

Whether your business is selling t-shirts on a bridge or an international conglomerate… are closing deals? When I first started my business, I remember being so excited at the fact I earned a meeting. Then I was excited they were excited and made a verbal commitment. Although I still get excited by all of the wonderful people I get to meet, speak with, and email with…. You know like I know… the deal isn’t over until the Agreement has been signed, the invoice has been received, and the payment has been rendered!

Closing deals starts with caring enough to know what your customer wants, needs, and THEN marrying what you have to offer and your expertise with it!

Closing deals with your employees follow the same principle. In my book, 7 Ways to Lead, I share The Leader’s 7. The 7 Languages your people need, want, and benefit most hearing from leadership. We as leaders, must be able to speak all 7, but each of your people have a top one or two. As a leader, you close deals with your people by understanding:

  • What they want to get out of working with you and for the organization?
  • What’s their dream, professionally and personally? And, if you can help or at the least encourage?
  • What their Language is (The Leader’s 7) and being willing to speak it?
  • What they love/like about their job and what they’d fine-tune?



Lastly, to evolve your business or organization, leaders must be able to keep things calm in the face of crisis, change, and preparing for the future. Crisis can come in many forms; from your systems shutting down, mergers, to a worldwide pandemic. Change is one of the few things that is constant, but always seems to punch us in the face whenever it happens. Lastly, the future is always looming… what are you, your team, and your organization doing to best anticipate, flow with, or direct it?


The best way to stay calm, enhancing your leadership and work/life harmony, that of your people, and your organization is to:

  1. Inform – Be transparent with your people about changes and evolution process, why they are happening, and how it best benefits the organization, business, and them!
  2. Educate – WHY the change had to happen and what the new process of moving forward will look like. Sometimes, changes must be made so the business can still function and employees can stay employees!
  3. Training – You’ve informed and educated… now it’s to effectively train your leaders and employees on how to do the changes required and lead.
  4. Planning – What’s the plan to keep progress and evolution going? Accountability is everything and cannot be done without a plan to execute and check-in with! Be clear on the plan, allow it to evolve when necessary, and set up regular check-in group meetings and 1-on-1’s to ensure success!

This is A Leader’s 3 C’s to evolve your business, your team, your people, and your organization. Be sure to Create, Close, & Calm your way to success and enjoy your journey!


“As you create opportunity for your people and the organization… it inherently creates opportunity for YOU!”     – Andre Young

Written by: Andre Young


Enhance Leadership and Work/Life Harmony in your Organization, your Leaders, Employees, and Teams with Andre Young’s Speaking Engagements, Evolve & Lead Training Programs (on-site, online, or virtual), and1-on-1 Growth Sessions!


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