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A Leader’s 3

Whether you’re in a professional position of leadership or a leader of your own life; there are a powerful 3 things that will either enhance or implode your leadership, dreams, goals, and lifestyle. You will find, “A Leader’s 3!” to be the most valuable asset you have when it comes to influencing, impacting, and protecting your leadership and reputation… as well as evolving the leadership skills of those around you! So what are they?


Vision is the start of great things! Your vision for your professional life, your personal life, your lifestyle, that project at work, starting a direction for your team or company is the beautiful start. It’s where we decide what we want to be, what we’re offering, and why we matter!

As the CEO of your company, the Head Coach of your team, the undeniable Leader; what’s your vision for your organization? Who are you as an organization? What do you offer? How do you offer it differently and better than others… and Why? As a Leader, if you don’t know the answers to these questions… how are your people supposed to? How are your customers and supporters supposed to? Be sure to be definite, clear, and consistent in your delivery of your vision; being sure that your message, impact, and vision is known.

Definite implies your conviction to the vision and the journey. I have found it wise to allow the Vision to evolve, but not waiver in the face of issues like “Being Busy” or “Being Bullied”. Too many times, our conviction to the Vision is compromised because we get too “Busy”. As things are going at mock speed and there is pressure to succeed, meet bottom-lines, and pounce from one project to the other… it’s easy to let “Busy” beat you and follow the current trend of your people, customers, clients, fans, friends, family, and the court of public opinion. As leaders, it can also be easy to be “Bullied” into a new path as people struggle to align with your vision, become lazy, set in their ways, or challenge leadership solely for personal gain instead of advancing the organization to new heights.

Of course, there’s a place for evaluating differences of opinion and there can be much to learn from a new perspective! Does this new perspective align with the Vision, enhance the Vision, and evolve the Vision? The answers to this question makes it easier to know what to say “Yes” and “No” to. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself and your organization going in every direction, with a muddled vision, and no unified purpose!

Lastly, is your 3-5 Vision Factors! Simply put, what’s your dream and vision? What are the 3-5 things that you must do and the organization must consistently do to make the dream and vision happen? These are your Vision Factors! These 3-5 things are implemented into the daily functioning and grind for you and your team. Your Vision Factors will act as a blueprint for what to say “Yes” and “No” to; as you remain aware and clear on your path to success!


I can’t put into words how important this word (Expectations) is for your leadership. Remember, A vision without expectations is just hope; and expectations without consequences are merely suggestions! Once you’re definite, clear, and consistent regarding your vision… what are the expectations of your people? To make it easier, what are the 3 expectations you have for yourself and your people? If you don’t know… how are they supposed to?

My Big 3 Expectations for my people were: that they have Vacuum-Eyes, be positive, and act as a leader! This becomes much easier when you hire, recruit, or invite people into your organization or your life that are ALREADY like this… instead of hiring, recruiting, and inviting people that are opposite and then trying to change them!

Vacuum-Eyes – When I used to hire people for my company… and now when I speak on stage and do trainings for companies and schools, I’m always drawn to the individuals with Vacuum-Eyes. Their eyes are big as saucers as you speak and it’s as if you can see your words and concepts flooding into their eyes. They are looking to learn, apply, and even evolve your concepts to best fit the needs of the current and future issues!

Positive – This explains itself. I wanted people that were naturally positive, upbeat, enjoyed being where they’ve chosen to be, smile, greet, and look forward to making an impact! Things will not always go smoothly, all things change, and some days are harder than others… during these times, positivity is crucial. Also, when things are going great… why frustrate the moment with “Grouches”!

Act as a Leader – I wanted people around me and in my organization that had pride in their work, working for the organization, and had ownership in their job, decisions, and processes. After the training and onboarding process, I always offered a sense of ownership that the division they ran was theirs, they would know more about the day to day dynamics than me, and provided permission to make necessary on-the-spot decisions. Afterwards, we could discuss on a call or meeting to fine-tune if necessary. I always figured, if I hired correctly… then I need and will trust their decisions and feedback! If it was correct… AWESOME! If it wasn’t… we’ll fine-tune and I could explain the bigger picture. If it’s not the right decision consistently… we can find an alternate position or perhaps it’s time to let the person go; allowing them to use their Superpower elsewhere to experience success.

Rules & Standards

“Rules” sounds like such a harsh word! My nature is very oppositional and I never liked the word, but I do understand its importance. Rules are necessary in our lives as a professional, a parent, in society, etc… or else chaos would ensue! Professionally, rules also help to maintain a standard that everyone is aware of. As a leader, what are your TOP 3 rules? If you don’t know… how are your people suppose to?

My Top 3 were simple:

  1. Be on time! On-time means, please be where you said you were going to be 10-15 minutes before you said you’d be there. Being on time doesn’t mean skirting into the parking lot at 7:00am, if you were scheduled for 7:00am. Please be ready to go, with a positive spirit, and a leader’s mindset!
  1. Email Issues. If we go back and forth in email more than three times… something is getting lost in translation. Let’s connect on a call to clarify! Email can be written wrong, taken wrong, or simply have found it’s way into Junk Mail, Lol!
  1. Please accompany any problem with a suggested solution. As a leader, this protects you from becoming Mr. or Ms. Fit-It all day long, it also enhances the leadership skills of your people; as they have to problem-solve, think like a leader, and brainstorm. I always told my people… If you present an idea (and there’s a great way to do so that I call, “A Leader’s Idea”), we may go with it! If not, I’ll always explain why… or we may collaborate on an idea. Remember, they may have a great idea for the short-term or for the smaller-picture. It’s your job as a leader to show the bigger-picture and challenge for ways that impact that! If they come up with one… great! If not, you already have a process!

I hope The Leader’s 3 resonated with you and I encourage you to be clear, definite, and consistent in your 3 as you influence, impact, and protect your leadership, their leadership, and the future!

“ It’s much easier when you hire, recruit, or invite people into your organization or your life that are ALREADY positive, willing, and have a leader’s mindset… instead of hiring, recruiting, and inviting people that are opposite and then trying to change them!” – Andre Young

Written by: Andre Young

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