A Leader’s Circle; The 5 Keys to Leading WITH Your Leadership Peers!

When most people hear the word “Leader”, they may visualize one person leading a group of people on some type of mission to success; whether at a company, a sport, the military, etc. It’s quite common to think of a leader leading alone. However, this is rarely the case! Leaders within organizations often have other leaders at their level (their coworkers) and leaders they report to, CEOs report to a Board, Head Coaches are on a team with General Managers and Owners, and in your personal life, although you are a leader… you may have your significant other. The fact is, leaders are also on a team… and it’s not always pretty! Leaders can disagree on the best ways to move forward, what’s most important at the moment, personality clashes, ego of whose job or department works the hardest and is most important, following through with plans, and more! Sound familiar? So, what to do?

The Leader’s 3

I’ve mentioned The Leader’s 3 many times and it’s for a reason… It will prove to be the staple for your leadership and reputation as a leader, team, and organization; allowing you to know what to say yes and know to! As a team, be sure you are clear on your Vision.

What do you want collectively as a team and where are you passionate about going as an organization? My vision is to be the best in the world in my space of Leadership & Work/Life Harmony; becoming wealthy (in money and time) based on concepts I’ve created in a business I own. What’s your vision… as a team are you in agreement? A Vision is great, but is nothing without The Vision Factors… the 3-5 things when done consistently, the vision has to come true! To be honest, I rarely pay attention to my Vision because my focus is always on my Vision Factors and allowing them to evolve:

  1. Create impactful content: Videos, Blogs, Books, etc.
  2. Network; who are my people, where are they, and how do they desire to receive what I serve
  3. Create opportunities for Passive Income: Online Training Programs and Investing Opportunities

These are my Professional Vision Factors, what are yours… is the leadership team in agreement? Once you know your Vision & Vision Factors… it becomes easier to know what to say “Yes” and “No” to… Be Mindful!

Next is your Expectations for yourself, the team, and the organization…. And it’s best to keep it simple. My Expectation is to only employ, outsource, and be friends with The 3P’s; professionals and friends that are Positive, Passionate, & Productive. What’s yours… and is your team in agreement?

Last is Rules. There doesn’t need to be many; however the few that exist need to be followed by you as the leader, other leaders on the team, and the organization. Mine were simple: be on time, email etiquette, and please accompany your problem with a suggested solution. What are yours… and is your Leadership Team in Agreement?

Developing, knowing, and following through on your Leader’s 3 will be the first step in celebrating the good times and working through the frustrating times with other leaders and your team!


It sounds simple but proves to be one of the hardest things when you’re frustrated and determined to make your point. There will come a time when you will disagree with another leader on your team and you’ll be presented with a choice to either bring your ego or your ears to the battle. If your ego loses… you feel less than, discarded, and bitter. If your ego wins… you’re more likely to attempt to dominate that way again, and again, and again. When you decide to ask and listen first… you may find they have more than several points you agree on; allowing a mutual starting point. I’m not promising sunshine and rainbows… simply something you, as a leader, can positively acknowledge about their perspective!

Here’s a question to ask, “I can see you believe in this, can you tell me/us more about it and what’s the upside? Allow them to share, actively listen, take notes if necessary (some people feel as though they are being heard when notes are being taken), and later ask questions you may have regarding the idea’s functionally within the bigger picture of your vision and the organization… thanking them for sharing. Remember, very few ideas are perfect… the goal is starting it and evolving it as you go!

Most Important

As a leader, you have concerns and ideas, other leaders have concerns and ideas, and the team as a whole has concerns and ideas. EVERYTHING cannot be done right now and right away! “Most Important” means… which are the 1,2, or 3 that are MOST IMPORTANT, why, and do they address your Leader’s 3? As a leader, the answer to this question is… when we consistently focus on 1,2, or 3… some of the other problems on the list will dissipate because they’re byproducts of something bigger we’re now addressing. In my business, networking is a staple Vision Factor; however, success was taking the necessary time away from it. Addressing this concern became “Most Important”; bringing in the right person and system to take away concerns of early mornings, late nights, weekend time, and potential missed meetings!


This is simple, yet painful! When you’re on a team… you will not always get your way. Even when you have the greatest idea of all time; however due to timing, it wasn’t “The Most Important” at the moment due to another pressing concern. Perhaps it wasn’t introduced in the most appealing way; whatever the case… as a leader, you may have to sacrifice and make someone else’s day from time to time… as your idea is great, but not addressing the immediate pain of the team and organization!


Both of my sons play sports; whether it is shooting a jump shot or throwing a pass… the outcome is always better with the proper motion of full follow-through! The same goes for our professional leadership. When that meeting adjourns… CONSISTENTLY do the plan!

It starts with informing, educating, possibly training, encouraging your team or yourself, and following-through until the plan is complete! Too many people let “Busy” beat them… leaving the meeting and allowing the duties, small fires and 5-Alarm Fires, emails, etc to gut-punch them; knocking out the possibility of Follow-Through. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of meeting after meeting about the same thing… and months later nothing has happened! Put “Follow-Through Tasks” in your calendar; allowing you to win the day and enhance your leadership, your team, and your organization. Remember, your idea may be selected next as “Most Important” and you’re going to appreciate the follow-through of others; especially when it was an idea they struggled with and follow-through on!

“There will come a time when you will disagree with another leader on your team and you will be presented with a choice to either bring your ego or your ears to the battle”     – Andre Young

Written by: Andre Young

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