A Leader’s Face of the Company; 5 Keys to Helping Your Front-Line Shine & Impress!

Suppose you’re in a leadership position within your organization. In that case, it may be easy to believe you’re the face of the company… with all the work you do, the long hours, the emails, the fires you put out on an hourly basis, meeting lofty and sometimes unrealistic expectations from up above and leading through all of the gripes from below. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you are not the face of the company!

So, who is the face of your organization? The Secretary… you know that person everyone sees first when they walk into your building, that person who keeps the schedule, maintains lines of communication, directs traffic, and knows every dirty little secret. Your Assistant, the person many of your clients and customers will engage with first before getting to you. Your Front-Line Employees that do direct-care in the homes of your customers/clients or in the building. The custodians, the people you think no one sees or recognizes. I could go on, but you get the point. These people matter; they are the Face of Your Organization and the people keeping your business alive! Take any of these employees out of a building, off of payroll, or set low standards and low expectations for them to follow and watch how fast everything folds. So, what are the 5 Keys to ensure the Faces of Your Company present as elite; allowing your team, vision, and organization to shine to the world?

Put a Smile on It!

This seems simple, however for many leaders, employees, and organizations it’s not! Have you ever entered a business or store and the secretary, clerk, or person on the other end of the phone acted as if they were kidnapped and forced to do their job? I’m sure you’ve experienced poor customer service over the phone; greeted with an irritated helper that appears to be in a rush to get you off the phone as quickly as possible and onto the next call. I’ve been there, and I know you have too! It changes your mood, makes you agitated, and eager to find anywhere else to do business. As a leader, The Faces of your team or company start with a smile and are happy to help. I encourage all leaders to hire and maintain employees that exhibit the 3P’s; Positive, Passionate, and Productive… and this starts with positive eye contact and a smile!

A professional never underestimates the power of your smile. The truth is, you don’t know what people are going through in their lives, their relationships, or within themselves and YOUR smile may be the only one they’ve gotten in a very long time… Be Mindful! I would also imagine your organization would prefer repeat business. It’s incredible what customers and people in your life are willing to forgive about mishaps and changes when they can count on friendliness, smiles, and great customer service. Make it a rule, an expectation, and standard for your people to Put a Smile On it!

Positive Starter Phrases

The smile is a starting point not an ending point; can you imagine a leader in an organization or employee servicing you and simply smiling the whole time and not saying anything… that would be weird! Everyone comes from somewhere and somewhere has its own lingo; therefore it’s important to train our people and staff on positive and uplifting ways to greet customers/clients that is acceptable for your organization. I’m a big fan of, “Happy Tuesday (or whatever day it is), how are you?”. You’d be surprised how may giggles and laughs I get and a return Happy ____(whatever day it is)____!”. It’s something I like saying and it’s become quite the tone-setter of any conversation or email.

I’m sure your organization uses some great Starter Phares; here are a few others and feel free to google more:

  • Hi, how are you today?
  • Hello, thanks so much for coming in! How can I help you?
  • Thanks for having me/us; what would you like to get out of our service today?
  • When I was in sales, I used… Happy Tuesday! Welcome to _______. My name is Andre and I’ll be your ___(name of company)___’s Guy today. Can I point you in any particular direction? If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help and I’ll stand off to the side; as not to bug you and I’ll check in from time to time.

Good Gossip

I love when I walk in or am waiting in a store and get to overhear employees bad-mouthing the company, their boss, the customers, and if you listen long enough… they’ll get to their co-workers or relationships. I’m joking… I don’t love it, I abhor it and it has no place for your customers/clients to hear! In my next book, The Leader’s Toolbox coming out in December 2022, I write about the importance of gossip. I encourage all leaders, employees, and people to gossip… Good Gossip. It travels slower than Bad Gossip, but it still travels.

What’s your rule about Bad Gossip, talking negatively about co-workers, bosses, projects, and customers within the workplace, emails, or social media? Remember, what you allow is what will continue! As a leader, get caught engaging in Good Gossip; saying something great about your people, your co-leaders, projects, decisions, ideas, and customers. Not only when you’re in the office, but when you’re with friends, out to dinner,  at the grocery store, etc. It’s amazing what people will start to think about you, your company, and what it must be like to work at such a great place. Set expectations for your people to do the same. At the very least… remember the old saying,  “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.” and be diligent in keeping your name out of the muck of Negative Gossip!

The Venting Rule!

Positivity and Passion are great, but let’s face it… we’re all human and bad days and bad moments exist. However, leaders bounce back faster from their bad days and my rule for venting helps! Remember, your vent is not for customers and clients to hear or be a part of. If you’re reading this and you’re a more Front-Line Employee… YOU are the face of your organization and venting in public to anyone and everyone that comes within your 18 inches of personal space defiles your company and your character… Be Mindful!

The Venting rule is simple:

  1. Be sure your venting is People-Limited – Vent to who can actually help your situation. Remember, leaders accompany their problem with a suggested solution and are ready to ask the person they’re sharing with what they like about their idea and if there’s anything they’d fine-tune or change!
  2. Be sure your venting is Time-Limited – Vent for a very short period of time (minutes). Get it all out and move on quickly to #3. The more we ruminate of the problem the more our feelings will go in that direction, then our actions, then our consequences!
  3. Get Purposeful – After you’ve vented to the right people for a few minutes… Now What? How do you understand WHY the person, boss, employee, company, significant other, or your child did what they did or said what they said? Chances are they aren’t the devil bursting out of the underbelly of society actively wanting to ruin your day. They may be wrong about HOW they said it or acted on it, but they’re right about something… what is it? And, what’s the plan on your end to address the real issue, not your emotion of the minute?

We can always go back to have the conversation about how to best address the situation in the future. For example, “Moving forward, if you have an issue like this, please let me know by (texting me, pulling me aside, emailing me, or ______ ). Knowing and sharing your preferred method of contact is a gift for you and for them. It doesn’t mean it will play out perfectly all the time… it does mean you did your part as a leader, employee, person, partner, parent, etc.!

Positive Closes

Have you ever gone through the drive-through, made your order, paid your money, can practically taste the food, and pulled up to the last window when they proceed to speed-relay your food at you as you struggle to take bag after bag, soda after soda, then your card, and the receipt at the speed of light, Lol! Yes, I know… what a First-World Problem to complain about; however, it drives me crazy and makes me wonder… does this happen in your company, in your business, with your people, and to your clientele?

Years ago, as a beginning Mental Health Therapist, I learned the value lesson of how to close conversations. It’s amazing how little a person will remember about a long and powerful conversation; tending only to remember the last thing said or that one thing that rang a bell for them… positively or negatively! Therefore, it’s important The Faces of Your Company close conversations by briefly recapping what was discussed and with a well-mannered good-bye!

Positive Closes means you and your people will end experiences with people, clients, customers, and even co-workers with great manners:

  • Thanks so much for coming!
  • I often end my emails with, “Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you. Have an awesome day!”
  • Thanks again and Happy ___(whatever day it is)___!”
  • Thanks ________, feel free to reach back out with any questions or concerns you may have. Enjoy your day!

These are just a few options to use and feel free to make them your own as you and your organization enhance the personal and daily leadership skills of The Faces of Your Company. Remember, your Front-Line is who the public actually knows, does business with, and refers to… or not; Be Mindful and Enjoy your Evolution!!!

“The high expectations and standards you uphold, demonstrate, and expect will be reflected in your impact, revenue, and longevity… Be Mindful!

                                                 – Andre Young

Written by: Andre Young

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