A Leader’s Micromanging; The 5 Keys to STOP Micromanaging and START Macroleading!

Believe me, I’ve been there… as an employee with someone standing over my shoulder and as an employer with the urge to control everything! However, my biggest lesson of what not to do and what to do didn’t come from either of these work environments; it came from attending my sons’ basketball games. They both played football and basketball… I never coached their teams; as I preferred to train them on their off time and be the “Crazy Dad-Fan” in the stands. Until one day I closely observed the crowd, the parents, the coaches, and the kids… this is more pronounced in basketball; as you can see the faces of the kids, they can hear the parents, coaches, fans, and EVERYTHING! I saw dads (and some moms) yelling at their kid about what they did wrong, what to do instead, that they weren’t doing good enough, and if they didn’t do better they could go home! At the same time, the coaches were yelling and saying the same type of things. Add in teammates saying the same type of things… along with the player’s own thoughts; it’s incredible these kids (at 8yrs old – 17yrs old) can exist, perform, or want to perform at all!

I was lucky to know a great acquaintance whose son was performing at a high level and earned a Division 1 Scholarship… I watched as he sat front court at every game, watched his son, and didn’t say a word as his son dunked on people, shattered school records, etc. He inspired me, I’ve modeled his action (with a bit more work to do, Lol), and I want to share with you how to decrease your Micromanaging, start your Macroleading, and increase not only your Leadership & Work/Life Harmony, but also that of those you’re leading!

A Leader’s Selection!

First, it’s important to note, micromanaging is not leading and although the job may get done; you may be doing it with a different set of people every time as your employees and team burnout, bore-out, and seek a better boss! Leadership isn’t just about the end product… it’s also being of impact, influence, protecting your people from themselves and YOU! This is done by first selecting people you can trust… and they develop a healthy trust for you!

A Leader’s Selection means you and your organization are going to either hire, train, or outsource great talent that fits the Vision and Vision Factors you have for the team and company. That’s a mouthful, but every word is important!

Hire What’s the culture do you want them to fit into? What type of differences and challenges do you want them to create? What type of characteristics are you looking to hire… mine are the 3P’s: Positive, Passionate, & Productive? What level of job knowledge do you they need? What’s their Dream? What do they like most about the field? What do they like least? Are they self-motivated or do they require detailed directives? These are a few questions; I’m sure you have your own… feel free to mix them in and hire appropriately.

Train Employees are coming with their own knowledge, not enough knowledge, or sometimes too much knowledge and stuck in their own way of doing things. When this is the case… do you offer training/s on how to do things your company’s way? Is their flexibility to teach “Your Way” and include aspects of what has made them successful and attractive to you in the first place? Will you lead the training, is there an online program, an outside training?

Outsource I’ve done all three of these types and in this stage of my business and career I’ve landed on outsourcing. Everything is not my superpower; as the years have passed, I’ve chosen to outsource to professionals that are elite in that field. Of course, you start with professionals you can afford and as you grow, business grows, and revenue grows… you always upgrade your people, processes, and technology! Now you can have a team of Elite All-Stars that operate at a high level through 1-on-1 Meetings to not only get the job done, but to discuss progress, ideas, and evolution!

A Leader’s Coaching

I just shared about the type of person and people you’d want on your team and how to best marry what you want to give them with what they need most right now. At this point, it comes down to coaching! I see being a leader as being a mentor and coach; it’s up to you to create great opportunities and to put your players/employees in great position to make a difference (Offense). It’s up to you to have boundaries and allow your people to know how much rope they have to operate and brainstorm in a confident manner (Defense), and lastly it’s up to you to control the ebb and flow… the pace of business. Sometimes, just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

A Leader’s White-Knuckle!

I’ve found this to be the most challenging part of not micromanaging and delegating responsibility! As a leader, most likely, you could do the task you’re delegating better and faster yourself. However, your business cannot grow and evolve to where you’d like it to be that way. There will come a time when you’ve selected your employees, coached them, and now it’s time to shut up and let them cook the meal… and it will require you to grab hold of something, hold on for dear life, and white-knuckle the experience without jumping in, screaming, and yelling like some of the crazy coaches and parents at my son’s games!

Afterward, it’s now time for pats on the back and to ask questions such as… When ______ happened, what were your thoughts? What make you decide to _________? If you had it to do over again, what would you have done differently? If you had to teach someone coming up behind you, what would you tell them? These are powerful questions that allow your employee to fully digest the experience!

A Leader’s Connection!

Referring back to my younger son’s basketball and football games, there are times when coaches call time-out to discuss, better connect, and brainstorm ideas with the Quarterback or Point Guard… these are some of my favorite pictures to take; seeing your son plan with the coach on the sideline or while bringing the ball up the court! It’s the same in your business… call time-outs to connect, brainstorm, get a better understanding of what you see, what they see, and coach accordingly. Outside of crisis and crunch-time, I also highly recommend connecting to have conversations with your employees that have nothing to do with business; rather them as people. This level of connection tends to enhance your reputation as a leader and increase their buy-in… Be Mindful!

A Leader’s Vision & Vision Factors!

It’s a lot easier for you to lead and your people to perform when everyone is clear on the BIG Vision and the 3-5 things it takes everyone focused on consistently to make it happen. For my business… it’s to be the best in the world in my space of Leadership & Work/Life Harmony and my Vision Factors are creating great content, networking appropriately, and creating passive income opportunities in my lane! For my son’s team, it may be to win a championship and the Vision Factors are team play, making free throws, and making in-game adjustments. Whatever your Vision & Vision Factors; make sure you have them, be sure everyone knows them, respects them, and your leaders will blossom… allowing you to STOP micromanaging and START Macroleading. Enjoy the process, the journey, and your evolution!!!

“As a leader, most likely, you could do the task you’re delegating better and faster yourself. However, your business cannot grow and evolve to where you’d like it to be that way… Be Mindful!”  – Andre Young

Written by: Andre Young

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