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A Leader’s R.E.L.A.X.; Evolve your Leadership & Work/Life Harmony relaxing “The Leader’s Way”!

With all the talk and writing of succeeding, progressing, and becoming… it’s easy to forget that you must relax, rest, and recoup. Leaders, whether in a professional position of leadership or a leader of your own life, understand the benefit and need to relax and recoup. “Go-Mode” at all times will become emotionally, physically, and psychologically exhausting for you and those around you; as they may feel slighted, ignored, and unimportant. “Go-Mode” also makes it easy to forget how to relax; uneasy sitting and being in your own space without texting, emailing, brainstorming, cleaning, managing etc. I experience this from time to time as my mind is spinning and going faster than I am, I struggle to think of anything but my work and passion, and feel as if I’m doing everything and not enough all at the same time. If this rings true to you… here’s how to R.E.L.A.X.!

R – Release! Let go of the planning, worry, anxiety, and leading. Each person may achieve this in their own way: meditation, turning off your phone for a set period of time, a vacation, playing hooky from work… maybe with your significant other, coffee on the back porch, etc. The point is… a release from your day-to-day routine, grind, and stress!

This process will involve a few things:

  1. You must be willing to take it when you need it! Of course, as a leader you have a million things to do. However, you are no good to anyone moving a million miles per hour and biting heads off along the way. Also, if your people cannot manage without you for a bit, you’re not as good a leader as you think. Leaders create leaders, not dependents!


  1. You may wish to place “Relaxing Time” in your schedule. Perhaps it’s something you make time for daily such as meditation, prayer, exercise, or quiet-time. Perhaps it’s something you gift yourself once per month. No matter how you decide to go about it… is it in your schedule or calendar?


  1. You will have to become comfortable saying “No”. DO NOT let this shock you… it’s inevitable; when it’s time for you to relax, someone or something will attempt to invade it! It can be a phone call, an opportunity, a simple request. Don’t you fall for it! By scheduling those things around your “Relax Time” or saying “No” and explaining the reason… YOU are teaching others to respect your time, to respect you, and also modeling healthy self-care for them!

E – Enjoy! While in “Go-Mode” our focus is achievement, success, and then quickly on to the next milestone; many times without really savoring the moment. While you’re relaxing; enjoy the moment! Take in the experience of doing something new or doing nothing at all. One of my favorite ways to relax is sitting on my back patio early in the morning with a cup of coffee. My house is on a hill and I take in the view as much as possible, enjoy the sounds of the morning, and mostly enjoy birds flying beneath me. Yes, I said beneath me… the hill is that high and the walk is a killer, but the view is amazing! Whether it’s your patio, a walk, out with friends, golf, a book, etc… ENJOY the moment and take it all in!

L – Laugh! There is great power in laughter… and it’s infectious. Have you ever heard someone with a great laugh or laughing really hard at something? It makes you laugh and you don’t even know the joke. Create opportunities to laugh in your life: purposely watch funny movies, go to a comedy show, listen to comedy on your commute, limit your time with negative people… and by all means, don’t forget to laugh at yourself!

A – Attitude! Just as you must limit your time with negative individuals; it’s as important to acknowledge and reframe the negative thoughts in your head. As a leader, a smile and a positive attitude is priceless and can make an impact for you and others. Remember, YOU are your own walking and talking billboard. What do you want your people to see? What kind of people do you want to attract? Enhance your Leadership & Work/Life Harmony by enhancing your Attitude!

X – X-Ray and Examine! At some point during your relaxation and down-time, it’s important to reflect on your progress over the past year or few months. Really appreciate how far you’ve come and refuel for the distance you must cover to arrive at your “Success Destination”. What’s your vision moving forward professionally and personally? What are the 3-5 things you need to do consistently to make your vision come true?

Relaxation is not only important, it’s necessary. Your mind, body, and spirit will tell you when you need it! When you decide to listen and relax A Leader’s Way you are truly gifting your people, your organization, and your family with your best self; enhancing your Leadership & Work/Life Harmony and theirs!

“Go-Mode” at all times will become emotionally, physically, and psychologically exhausting for you and those around you… Be Mindful”

                                                                   – Andre Young

Written By: Andre Young

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