A Leader’s Types; The 5 Types of Leaders… The Pros & Concerns of Each!

There are many types of everything; different types of animals, people, foods, and… Leaders! If you’ve been following my articles, videos, and books you may have come across my 5 Types of Employees, 5 Types of Clients, and the 5 Types of Managers. Today, I’d like to share the 5 Types of Leaders; this is not to put leaders in a positive or negative category. Rather, it’s an opportunity to celebrate ALL Leaders, an opportunity to examine which one you are, celebrate the positives, and extract the lesson from the concerns!

We must first define what we’re discussing. A Leader is someone willing and capable of positively influencing people toward the mission of the team or organization. Is willing and capable of positively impacting others; leaving a lasting impression by words spoken, lessons taught, and actions taken. Is willing and capable of protecting others from themselves and their bad habits… and protecting their people from their own bad habits and rough days. A Leader maintains high standards and expectations and effectively utilizes the individual superpower of those on their team to achieve success. Lastly, as a leader… you choose to show up daily with a smile, connecting, doing your best, and being your best! With that said, here are 5 Types of Leaders… let’s dive in!

The Motivator

This type of leader is high-energy, vocal, uplifting, and exuberant! They focus on the positives, the superpowers of others, and vocally push the team and lead the team toward the desired definition of success. You may know them as the emotional leader of a team… their energy, grit, and eagerness cannot be denied!

The Pros

I’ve had the opportunity to work for “The Motivator” and it was a great experience… as you feel like you have your own personal cheerleader! You feel believed in, supported, projected, and inspired. The pros of The Motivator are they are encouraging and forward-moving. They also tend to care very much for their people on a professional and personal level.

The Concerns

The truth is, not everyone feels like being motivated! Some employees, teammates, and co-workers are low-energy individuals who have never played on a team and cannot or will not understand the rah-rah approach. Others are negative grouches that see The Motivators energy as fake, corny, and stupid. The Motivator is scoffed at as they quietly seek to start a mutiny!

It’s important for “The Motivator” to hire well or recruit well; intentionally onboarding people with a good energy-level, positivity, and enthusiasm… as well as a skill-set and knowledge base that will impact the leadership and work/life harmony of the team and the organization! Lastly, it’s important The Motivator… and All 5 Types of Leaders  be able and willing to speak The 7 Professional Languages… allowing The Motivator to marry how they are with their People’s preferred language of Goodie-Time, Quality Minutes, Recognition & Affirmation, Knowledge & Advancement, Incentives, Flexibility, and Respect! This is a BIG reason I feature The 7 in my book, 7 Ways to Lead, and as Trainings for companies worldwide; as it will allow you to best connect with everyone… while still getting to be yourself!

The Example

This is the quiet leader that leads by example. They DO all of the right things, but in a much more quiet manner than The Motivator. They are early to work, available for their people when they need them, completes tasks and projects effectively, and are always willing for the next journey the organization or team is headed to!

The Pros

“The Example” sets the bar for how to get things done! Progress is steady and they’re self-motivated leaders that work well with other self-starters. They tend to value being respected for their work and will provide recognition& affirmation to their people when they see fit.

The Concerns

Although “The Example” gets things done and does things the right way; this leader may lack the winning people skills to lead a team. This doesn’t mean they aren’t nice or care about the team… they simply may struggle with effectively connecting with the different types of individuals on their team or through the organization. When “The Example” chooses to know and understand what each of their people desires to get out of working at the job or being on the team, being willing to connect, and somewhat speak the desired language of others they will evolve their leadership & work/life harmony and that of those around them! This concept, in addition to their commitment to the mission, will lead to excellence!

This concept is seen on sports teams everywhere. Their leader and best player always does the right thing and is an example… but struggles to connect with their teammates. This leads to quarterbacks getting sacked a bunch and losing seasons, or a great individual scorer with no championship rings to show, or an organization with great ideas, but losing revenue and failing in comparison to their competitors.

The Connector

This is the leader that actively connects with their people and their team. They know their people’s stories, their kid’s names, their lives professionally and personally. You may see this leader or employee floating through the office talking with everyone, engaging in chit-chat, having serious conversations, or emotionally helping their people through their tough times; enhancing work/life harmony.

It may appear this leader is not focused on their work or may be behind in their work because they are so social. However, because they are a leader… they are on top of their responsibilities and enhancing the quality of the team as well.

The Pros

“The Connector” exhibits powerful understanding, empathy, and care for those around them and especially those on their team. They tend to be eager, responsible, and possess powerful people-skills. Plus, their people like and enjoy them!

The Concerns

Although “The Connector” possesses powerful people skills they may struggle to actually bring a team together; influencing forward movement toward the vision and results. It may seem odd they can be so engaging 1-on-1, but struggle to motivate a team. Many times, a new “Connector Leader” may want to be one of the guys… instead of the leader.

This leads to concern number two; because “The Connector” may be too emotionally invested or enjoys being one of the guys… it may be difficult for them to have those dreaded tough conversations with employees or members of their team. “The Connector” is not likely to change their personality… and that’s a good thing… however, being able and willing to use The World’s Best Preface Statement will be useful for their leadership and the leadership of their people. It sounds like, “It’s wonderful to have you on the team and I enjoy leading, guiding, and supporting. However, at some point, I may have to say something that’s hard for you to hear and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t. Is that going to be OK?”.

Whether the tough conversation comes two days from now or two years from now… when it’s time for “The Connector” to have the tough conversation it will be easier and can sound like, “Remember the time I said I might have to say something that’s hard for you to hear? Ready? Now, you hit them with it, the issue, and work to develop a plan of action to improve it. This process will allow “The Connector” to maintain their personality while being a leader the team and organization needs them to be.

The Visionary

This Leader is mostly bigger-picture, big ideas, and grand vision for the future of the organization! Many people may not see or understand their vision, but “Visionaries” propel companies forward by positively pushing the envelope and the skills of their people; allowing for an impact never thought of by their customers, their market, and the world.

The Pros

“The Visionary” is focused on bigger ideas, is forward-thinking, and encourages those around them to think bigger. They make people and the things they’re working on better.

The Concerns

Because “The Visionary” is focused on bigger things they tend to dislike, be unorganized with, unfamiliar with, or lack the understanding of the insurmountable number of little things that need to happen to make the big thing a reality. This leader may struggle with empathy related to the countless hours, demands, restarts, and burn-out of their people.

The vision will most likely be achieved, but the saddest thing is when Inspired & Motivated employees burn-out and quit… or burn-out and stay. Be mindful to be observant and care for your people and team as needed!

The Intense

This leader is gruff, blunt, and abrupt in their approach. They are not interested in making friends, connecting, motivating, or setting an example. “The Intense is focused on the task and it getting done right, on time, and within the numbers projected. It may seem this leader is no fun however, they get results and their people respect them. “The Intense” is not mean to others; rather a bit intense. When they enter the room you may see people straighten up, decide to look busy, and get more done than they would if “The Intense” was not there.

The Pros

“The Intense” is dependable, a thinker, and consistent. Although they are not buddy-buddy and people may struggle on how to approach them or figure out their mood… they are available, willing, and ready; just be sure to get to the point quickly… and be a ready and willing participant in the vision.

The Concerns

“The Intense” can be so focused on task completion, numbers, and not having to answer questions from their superiors… they may struggle with the leadership quality to control the ebb & flow of the team, the office, or the organization. Leaders never drop their standards and expectations, but leaders also understand people can only operate at maximum go-time for so long. You must know when your people or team need a break, some relief, something different, some fun… and also know when and how to retighten the reigns to get back to work!

Also, it helps when “The Intense” knows they are intense. Most people can alter their behaviors, but you are who you are at the core! When “The Intense” can hire or promote “A Motivator or A Connector” to be their right-hand person… an awesome buffer is created to lessen the blow of “The Intense” and positively benefit the team and organization. This DOES NOT give “The Intense” the green light to stay the same or become worse. However, it provides an opportunity to evolve and learn new skills as they effectively utilize their new bridge between leadership and employees.

This is The Leader’s Types; The 5 Types of Leaders! Which are you? You may consistently be one type or switch given the task, people, and team. Either way, I encourage you to celebrate your pros and continue to gift your team with them. I also encourage you to become more aware of the possible concerns and how to evolve; enhancing the Leadership & Work/Life Harmony for both you and those within your organization. Enjoy your evolution!

“We ARE how WE define ourselves, how we impact others, and the sum of the decisions we make daily… Be Mindful” – Andre Young

Written by: Andre Young

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