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Evolve & Lead Training Program!

Help your Leaders Lead Better and Do Their People Better; taking the pain out of your organization with Andre Young’s high-energy, interactive, and culture-impacting Training Program focused on company Leaders, Management, and Employees enhancing their Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Personal Leadership, and Work/Life Harmony! All sessions begin with the P.O.W. and end with You Evolving Now Leadership Homework Assignments that hold your People accountable and can be implemented into your work-culture immediately!

Evolve & Lead!

Leap into Leadership!

The Leader’s 7; The 7 Professional Languages!

The Leader’s 7 Role Play!

Bonus Tips & Wrap -Up!

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Evolve Your Leadership in 5!!!

Learn the 5 Key Points to immediately enhance your Leadership … and that of those around you!

The 5 Points of Your Day!

Definition of Leadership & The R

The 5 Types of Employees

The Leader’s 7!

The Leader's 3!

The Leader's 7!

Learn the Definition of Leadership, The 5 Types of Employees, The 7 Languages, and How to Speak the 7 in “Casual Times” and in those “Tough Conversations”

Learn the Definition of Leadership!

The 5 Types of Employees!

The 7 Languages

How to speak the 7 in casual times and in those though conversations!

The 4C's of Leadership & Work/Life Harmony

Great for a mixed audience of Leaders & Front-Line Employees!

Looking to bond, build, and inspire your team? Enhance their Leadership & Work/Life Harmony with Andre Young’s powerful 4 C’s! This high-energy and interactive session is packed with professional and personal life- altering tips, questions, and engagement that will evolve your leaders, employees, teams, and organization.



Learn the compound effect of consistency, what to be consistent about, and what to do to enhance your personal leadership, leadership skills, and work/life harmony! Learn the impact of The 5 Points of Your Day and The Definition of Leadership!



Many leaders aren’t as confident as you’d think. Learn how to enhance your confidence and meet the needs of your team with the most impactful question a human being can ask another… The Get Great Question!



Success and Leadership are a language. Learn the “The Bully Words” that are negatively impacting work culture and work/life harmony… and what to replace them with!



Learn how to compete with yourself and others as you learn your Vision & Vision Factors!!!


How to Lead Through

Change is inevitable; growth is a choice! Enhance your team’s leadership, communication skills, professionalism, and work/life harmony through change and in spite of change; developing leaders your organization can build with!!!

C. – Learn the 3C’s of Change: Constant, Consistent, and Confident!

H. – Stay humble through change as you learn A Leader’s Two-Way Street!

A. – Learn the Evolving Formulas to manage the things you CAN control and the things you CANNOT or the formula to prevent and work through Burn- out or Bore-Out!

N. – Learn how to nurse yourself through change and transition!

G. – Learn how to grow through change and in spite of change, both professionally and personally, with the most powerful question a leader can ask!

E. – How to stay excited through change with A Leader Vision & A Leader’s Construction Talk!

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