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Provide a powerful new way to impact your organization with Andre Young’s Leadership Training or Speaking Engagements; enhancing Personal Leadership Skills, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, and Work/Life Harmony. The top two complaints I hear when sitting with company leaders are, “Our leaders don’t know how to lead” and “We’re in the midst of change.” Let’s take the pain out of your organization and positively impact Leadership & Work/Life Harmony within the C-Suite, Middle Management, and Employees! Also, download the free You Evolving Now App (YEN Push); allowing Andre Young to continue to impact your team long after he’s gone with his Leadership Thought of the Week Video, Blog of the Week, Quote of the Week, Question of the Month, and Life-Tip of the Month!

“Stop being busy… and start being better”
                              – Andre Young

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EVOLVE & Lead Training Program

Take the pain out of your organization with Andre Young’s interactive Training Program focused on company Leaders, Management, and Employees enhancing their leadership skills, communication skills, personal leadership, and work/life harmony! The program blends seminar and forum style; allowing for an interactive experience to enhance bonding, learning, and effective leadership! All sessions begin with the P.O.W and end with You Evolving Now Leadership Homework Assignments that can be implemented into your work-culture immediately! EVOLVE & Lead is available in 1-Cohort, but most effective with multiple cohorts (C-Suite Executives, Middle Management, then a variation of the program for Employees)

Evolve & Lead!Attendees will learn personal leadership skills necessary to EVOLVE professionally and personally; as we explore attendee’s experience in leadership and their desired impact of the program. Success is a language; attendees will learn how to eliminate and transform “Bully Language”, how to maximize the 5 Points of Their Day, and how to set and reset expectations with Action Formula’s, and H.U.R.T. Leadership; how to lead when hurt! Content is customizable

Leap into Leadership!Let’s find out what success and leadership mean for attendees, where they excel and where they don’t, and what we’re going to do about it as they learn meaningful leadership skills to enhance relationships of trust, positivity, and purpose in your organization. Attendees will rate themselves professionally (The R.), The 5 Types of Leaders, learn to define their professional Vision & Vision Factors, Expectations, and Rules (The Leader’s 3!), how to manage projects (A Leader’s Bookending), A Leader’s 1-on-1 Meetings; for professional growth & accountability, how they and their people learn best (A Leader’s Nicely), how to best organize their time (A Leader’s Priority Quadrant), and more! Content is customizable

The Leader’s 7!  – Attendees will earn the 5 Types of Employees, 5 Types of Leaders, and the 7 Languages employees want, need, and are motivated by, and how to speak them in casual times and in those “Tough Conversations” we must have as leaders… or else we won’t be leading for long!

The Leader’s 7!Practice and role-play of The Leader’s 7; how to speak The 7 in casual times and in tough! Andre Young will engage in role plays with volunteers using relevant scenarios to your business!

Bonus Tips & Wrap -Up! – EVOLVE as your team identifies their biggest take-aways, develop a plan for continued usage and success as we revisit and solidify The Leader’s 3… The Vision/Vision Factors, Expectations, and Rules for your organization and team! Attendees will also learn how to how manage the process of being promoted (A Leader’s Promotion), and The 5 Types of Clients. Content is customizable

All sessions are 120 mins. Program is most impactful in cohorts (C-Suite, Middle Management, then Employees); positively enhancing leadership practices and your organization!  5-Week or 2-Day Programming optional! Contact to customize to address specific organizational concerns!


Learn the Definition of Leadership, The 5 Types of Employees, The 7 Languages, and How to Speak the 7 in “Casual Times” and in those “Tough Conversations”

If you were planning to move to France and live there would you learn to speak French? Why… Of course, because it would make life easier as you could connect better, meet your needs… and the needs of others much easier. Then EVOLVE with speaker, author, and Founder of You Evolving Now, Andre Young and let’s do the same in your Company as your people learn to speak the 7 Languages that best build, bond, and motivate! Everyone likes all 7, but your people have a top one or two that connects with who and how they are. Once we know their language, Leaders can more easily build, bond, and motivate; getting the best out of their team and the best for the organization!

  • Learn the Definition of Leadership!
  • The 5 Types of Employees!
  • The 7 Languages
  • How to speak the 7 in casual times and in those though conversations!

Evolve in 5 with You Evolving Now. Better Yourselve with You Evolving Now's Podcasts.

Evolve Your Leadership in 5!!! ( The 5 are Customizable)

Learn the 5 Key Points to immediately enhance your Leadership … and that of those around you!

The 5 Points of Your Day! – Everyone has 24 hours in a day; leaders use theirs differently! Enhance your Leadership & Work/Life Harmony with Andre Young’s 5 Points of Your Day!

Definition of Leadership & The R. – Learn Andre Young’s Definition of Leadership and how to be a person and team of influence and impact! Then Rate your leadership in the various professional roles you play and learn a key tip to evolve!

The 5 Types of Employees. – There are 5 Types of Employees; who are they and what do they need most for you right now? 

The Leader’s 3! – Learn the cornerstone for your leadership, your team, and your organization; allowing you and your team to best move forward!

A Leader’s 1-on-1 Meetings! – The most canceled and rescheduled meeting across all organizations! Learn HOW to have the most important meeting for your people and your leadership!


You Evolving Now is a global social club that focuses on positivity, healthy living, personal development, self improvement and life enrichment to help you improve yourself and get more our of life. We are based in Berks County and work with loacl colleges like Kutztown and Alvernia!

How to Manage C.H.A.N.G.E; the change you want, think you want, and don’t want professionally and personally!

Change is inevitable, professionally and personally. Enhance your team’s leadership, communication skills, professionalism, and work/life harmony through change and in spite of change; developing leaders your organization can build with!!!

C. – Learn the 3 C’s of Change: Constant, Confident, and Consistent!

H.– How to stay HUMBLE through the process of change and learn A Leader’s Two-Way Street!

A.– Learn the ACTION FORMULAS to best lead through change; the Formula for what you CAN CONTROL and CAN’T  or the formula for Burn-Out!

N.– Learn how to NURSE yourself through change; protecting yourself from burn-out and bored-out!

G.– How to GROW through and in spite of change; both professionally and personally!

E.– How to stay EXCITED professionally and personally through and in spite of change with Construction Talk: A Leader’s Gossip, A Leader’s Vent, and A leader’s Idea!

The process of change places us all on the corner of “Bitter” and “Better”; both are a choice and “Bitter” has rarely benefited anyone or any organization! Better your work culture, improve employee interaction, and enjoy fewer headaches as your organization enhances personal leadership, leadership skills, communication skills, and work/life harmony with Andre Young!

A Leader’s Burnout; Preventing or Leading Through Burnout Like a Leader!

This high-energy, interactive, culture-impacting training is focused on Management and Employees enhancing Leadership Skills, Personal Leadership, Work Culture, and Work/Life Harmony for themselves, their team, and the organization! On-Site or Virtual options are available. If virtual, all attendees are required to have all screens up and must be willing to unmute in order to engage and evolve!

A Leader’s Forgiveness! – Forgiveness a part of leadership? You better believe it… especially as you go through burn-out and have so many people and things to blame for it! Forgiveness Matters… how the heck to do it?

A Leader’s Burn-Out Formula! – With so many companies doing MORE with LESS people… not to mention the amount of consistent turnover and change… caring for your people and burn-out is a MUST! Learn how to prevent or lead through burn-out; enhancing your leaders, employees, and team both professionally and personally!

A Leader’s Now! – Through burn-out, it’s easy to over-romanticize the past, complain about the present, and be depressed about the future… I’ve been there and it’s not helpful! So, how to step into the new day and new way of doing things with a more positive way to utilize the past, present, and future like a Leader?

A Leader’s List! – When burn-out is a concern, the amount or magnitude of your people’s duties must also be a concern. Leaders are aware of their people’s list, protect their people from their list, and help to best prioritize their list. So, how to do it as a Leader and more Front-Line Employee?

A Leader’s Triangle! – Let’s end with how to best care for yourself professionally and personally… Work/Life Harmony Matters? So, how to do it?

1-on-1 Virtual Growth Coaching

Meet 1-on-1 with Andre Young for 5 virtual, high-energy, interactive sessions; allowing an evolution professionally and personally to enhance true effective daily Leadership Skills, Work/Life Harmony, and Personal Leadership,! We will meet one time per week for 90-120mins for 4 weeks; utilizing my Evolve & Lead Program or Customized Program to address the areas you wish to strengthen: communication skills, decision-making, relationships, leadership within your organization/team, etc.! For Session 5, we will schedule roughly 1 month after the conclusion of the 4 weeks to allow for usage of skills learned, re-rate, and add bonus leadership tips. Connect for more information, to customize to fit desired needs, and a proposal: Utilize the pop-up or email at

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