M&W Blog – Only a Fraction

Your current results are only a fraction of what you are capable of achieving – Darren Hardy. I absolutely love this quote as it provides motivation, encouragement, and inspiration to people in all stages of life. Some of us are nowhere close to where we’d like to be professionally, relationally, or financially. Some of us …

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M&W Blog – T.O.D.A.Y.!

Today is such a special word and gift. Today, we were able to wake and begin anew. Today is full of possibilities, twist, turns, and the mundane tasks we would miss if they were gone. Today provides us all an opportunity to treasure the present and find the positives of each encounter. We cannot change …

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M&W Blog – Rock Bottom

It’s amazing how useful and powerful “Rock Bottom” can be. I hit my rock bottom several years ago; choosing to get divorced. I know there are others out there with more devastating stories and experiences than mine, but this was my rock bottom in so many different ways. I once heard a man on the …

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M&W Blog – Meet at the 50?

I was driving in the car a few days ago and listening to a popular morning talk show. They were discussing relationships and ways to have a healthy and successful marriage. One on the DJs stated, “I believe marriage is about each person being willing to meet at the 50-yard line”. The other DJs agreed …

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M&W Blog – Masterpiece

I fell in love with art at a young age. More appropriately said, I fell in love with beauty at a young age! As a boy I began to draw pictures, comic books, and later began to paint. I lost myself in the process of making nothing into something then appreciating the finished product. In …

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M&W Blog – Top 5

Top 5 – written by Andre Young I had an amazing experience answering my own question! What are the top 5 most important things for you in your life right now? This question allowed me to refocus my energy, mindset, and life; allowing me to better understand myself and my personal mission. The number one …

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M&W Blog – House vs. Home

House vs. Home A house is defined as a building for human habitation, especially one that is lived in by a family or small group of people. A house proves to be beneficial for survival needs, shelter, warmth, and protection. All things to improve the quality to life. Many people in America and around the …

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Each Morning

On February 13, 2013 my life changed forever and I developed a deeper understanding of how important each day is. A month prior to this date I frequented the gym three days per week and was in the best shape of my life since my playing days. In true Type A form, I pushed it …

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