M&W Blog – Success (Pt. 1)

Recognize Opportunity – Andre Young Find somebody who has what you want and do what they did – Said Every Successful Person. Simply wanting to be successful is not enough. We must first have vison, be willing, have a formula, emulate a process that has been successful, and find it a way to make it …

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M&W Blog – Success (Pt. 2)

Embrace Obligation – Andre Young Here is the second step in my Formula for success; Embracing Obligation! We all have things we enjoy about our passions, jobs, and various roles we play as husbands/boyfriends, wives/girlfriends, sons/daughters, siblings, etc. It’s easy to do the things we like within these roles; but a bit harder to do …

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M&W Blog – Success – (Pt. 3)

Understand the Opposition – Andre Young My final step to success… Understanding the Opposition! This will require the most restraint, dedication, and mindfulness. From a business perspective, an entirely new idea or concept is rare. Therefore, there are a lot of people and businesses that do what you do. We can choose to be angry, …

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M&W Blog – Fears

Fears – Andre Young Fear is an interesting thing and I believe everything has a positive and negative. The positive of fear is that it helps to protect us and keep us safe. Fear heightens our senses and can allow us the ability to protect and survive. However, the negative of fear is it can …

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