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Provide a powerful new way to impact your company with Andre Young’s on-site Leadership Training and Speaking Engagements; enhancing Personal Leadership Skills, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, and Work/Life Harmony. The top two complaints I hear when sitting with company leaders are, “Our leaders don’t know how to lead” and “We’re in the midst of change”. Let’s take the pain out of your organization and positively impact Leadership & Work/Life Harmony within the C-Suite, Middle Management, and Employees! Also, download the You Evolving Now App (YEN Push); allowing Andre Young to continue to impact your team long after he’s gone with: The Question of the Week, The Leadership Thought of the Week, Blog of the Week, Quote of the Week, and Life-Tip of the Month!


“Stop being busy… and start being better”
                              – Andre Young


You Evolving Now Employee Growth Features

  • EVOLVE & Lead Leadership Training Program!
  • The Leader’s 7 Training or Speaking Engagement!
  • 1-on-1 On-Site Employee Growth Training & Executive Coaching!
  • Quarterly Growth Seminars!
  • You Evolving Now Single Speaking Engagement! (Various Options Available and the Speaking Engagements Tab)




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EVOLVE & Lead Program

Take the pain out of your organization with Andre Young’s interactive Training Program focused on company Leaders, Management, and Employees enhancing their leadership skills, communication skills, personal leadership, and work/life harmony! The program blends seminar and forum style; allowing for an interactive experience to enhance bonding, learning, and effective leadership! All sessions begin with the P.O.W and end with You Evolving Now Leadership Homework Assignments that can be implemented into your work-culture immediately! EVOLVE & Lead is available in 1-Cohort, but most effective with multiple cohorts (C-Suite Executives, Middle Management, then a variation of the program for Employees)

EVOLVE & Lead!  – Success is a language; you will learn how to eliminate and transform “Bully Language”, how to build a team within a team, how to set expectations and boundaries, best ways to follow as a leader, and more!

Leap into Leadership!  – Learn your team’s definition of success and leadership. Learn meaningful and easy to use leadership skills to evolve Vision & Success-Management, Time-Management, and the Evolving Pyramid to enhance relationships of trust, growth, and positivity within your organization!

The Leader’s 7!  – Learn the 5 Types of Employees, the 7 Languages employees want, need, and are motivated by, and how to speak them casually and in the tough teaching moments!

The Leader’s 7 Role-Play! – Leaders practice saying the 7 Languages in casual use and in “tough conversations”. Employees evolve with the benefit of learning how to receive “tough conversations” and give “tough conversations”!

Wrap -Up! –  Review all key points, attendees’ biggest take-aways, and develop a plan for continued success and leadership longevity!

All sessions 90–120 mins. Program is most impactful in cohorts (C-Suite, Middle Management, then Employees); positively enhancing leadership practices and your organization!  5-Week or 2-Day Programming optional!



You Evolving Now E & L (Evolve & Lead) Certification Program

Does your company have multiple locations and hiring a trainer to impact each site seem impractical and too expensive? Then enhance the leadership and work/life harmony of your company and employees with You Evolving Now’s E&L Certification Program. Your company selects a desired employee/leader to receive training and certification to later train leaders, teams, and employees throughout your company; regardless of size and number of locations!

You Evolving Now Founder, Andre Young will conduct on-site Evolve & Lead Training for one cohort or multiple cohorts within your company. Your selected employee/leader to receive certification (Trainee) will attend one complete cohort of the Evolve & Lead Training Program, receive an immediate debriefing session afterward, followed by an Evolve & Lead Certification Training Session.

It’s necessary and most impactful to adhere to this process; as the Trainee will get to experience Andre Young deliver the desired content, get to feel and utilize it’s impact, witness others benefit from the program, receive immediate debriefing, followed by immediate training! EVOLVE with the best of both worlds, training from the Leadership & Work/Life Harmony Expert Andre Young and an In-House Certified Trainer to be used at your discretion throughout your organization; impacting effective leadership skills and positive work culture!

Sessions can be done: 5 Separate Sessions or 2-Session Option

  • EVOLVE & Lead! – Learn personal leadership skills necessary to EVOLVE professionally and personally!
  • Leap into Leadership! – Explore and expand the definition of leadership and success; adding new and effective leadership skills!
  • The Leader’s 7! – Learn the 7 Languages employees want, need, and are motivated by!
  • How to Manage C.H.A.N.G.E. – Learn how to EVOLVE through the process of and in spite of professional and personal change!
  • Wrap-Up & EVOLVE! – Implementation of the Evolving Pyramid! Attendees will conclude with the biggest takeaways of the program and plan of action to continue effective and powerful leadership practices!



Learn the Definition of Leadership

5 Types of Employees

The 7 Languages!

How to Speak the 7 in “Casual Times” and in those “Tough Conversations”

If you were planning to move to France and live there would you learn to speak French? Why… Of course, because it would make life easier as you could connect better, meet your needs… and the needs of others much easier. Then EVOLVE with speaker, author, and Founder of You Evolving Now, Andre Young and let’s do the same in your Company as your people learn to speak the 7 Languages that best build, bond, and motivate! Everyone likes all 7, but your people have a top one or two that connects with who and how they are. Once we know their language, Leaders can more easily build, bond, and motivate; getting the best out of their team and the best for the organization!


1-on-1 Employee Growth Training & Executive Coaching

You Evolving Now Founder, Andre Young, meets on-site, 1-on-1, with your Employees & Management to enhance Work/Life Harmony and Leadership using his The R.E.U. Way: Recognizing Opportunity & Rating Yourself, Embracing Obligations, and Understanding the Opposition. This 5-Week Training (1x per week for 45 mins) will enhance Employees professionally and personally; allowing increased lifestyle satisfaction and professional growth!

Executive Coaching can be provided on-site or virtually and his individually tailored to meet the desired outcome of the executive; blending the R.E.U. Way, The Evolve & Lead Program content, and necessary content to construct a coaching regiment designed for EVOLVED Success!


Quarterly Growth You Evolving Now Seminars!

EVOLVE your Company, your Employees, Students, and your Life with You Evolving Now at your site 1x per season! Your Employees and/or students will EVOLVE as People, Partners, Parents, and Professionals and more with each Seminar! For Schools… Get flexible as Seminars can be split to impact student assemblies and staff in-service days!

Quarterly Growth Seminars (For Companies)

  • 7 Ways to Love! – Enhance Work/Life Harmony for your employees as they learn how to DO Love professionally and personally!
  • How to Manage C.H.A.N.G.E.; Professionally and Personally!… The Change you think you want and the change you don’t!
  • Surviving the G.R.I.N.D.! – Learn how to thrive in spite of the professional grind with these amazing leadership tips!
  • 7 Ways to Lead! – Learn the process of leadership; from a newly appointed leader to a seasoned leader!

Quarterly Growth Seminars (For Schools)


  • The Leader’s 7! – (Professional Development) – Your Staff learns how to speak every one of their student’s language!
  • Surviving the G.R.I.N.D – (Professional Development) – Best in March; the LONG MONTH!
  • EVOLVE & Lead! – (Student Assembly) – Your students learn how to dream, succeed, and evolve in all roles they play!
  • 5 Steps Out of Unwise Relationships – (Student Assembly) – Students learn how to have, maintain, and evolve relationships!




You Evolving Now Package!!!

  • 1-on-1 Employee Growth Training or Executive Coaching 
  • EVOLVE & Lead Program!
  • Quarterly Employee Growth Seminars!
  • Download the free You Evolving Now App for daily life-enrichment: Thought of the Week, Weekly Blog, Q/Q of the Week, Monthly Vlog, and Life-Tip of the Month!


EVOLVE Package!!!

  • 1-on-1 Employee Growth Coaching, Executive Coaching, or EVOLVE & Lead Program!
  • Quarterly Employee Growth Seminars!
  • Download the free You Evolving Now App for daily life-enrichment: Thought of the Week, Weekly Blog, Q/Q of the Week, Monthly Vlog, and Life-Tip of the Month!

Not sure if your company is ready for an Employee Growth Package? Book Andre Young for a powerful Leadership & Work/Life Harmony Single Speaking Engagement at your site or Company Event! See more at the Speaking Engagement Tab!

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