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You Evolving Now Blog – 16 Buttons!

Years ago, when my children were small, I found myself inundated with household duties, chores, work, and chaos. If you have multiple young children… you know what I mean. The duties of the day never cease and only seem to become a tidal wave only you and your partner (if you have a partner) can surf. In a past blog… I mentioned single-parenting as the hardest job in the world, because you surf that tidal wave alone and if you go down… the kids go with you. One of the most daunting chores during this time was laundry… doing laundry for a household of five was… uuuhhhggg! The washing, folding, hanging, etc.

At the time my kids were nine, six, and two… I walked into their room to gather clothes for laundry and my boys were playing Play Station (video game system). I stopped to simply watch them play… but in a moment of clarity… I looked at how well they were playing and the game-controls in their hands. I asked them to hit pause and examined the controller. Do you know how many buttons are on a Play Station controller? 16!!!! That’s right… 16 buttons. At that moment, I said… “If you can play this, you can wash your own clothes…. There’re less buttons on the washer and dryer… grab a basket”. I have not done anyone’s laundry other than my own since that day. Freedom!!!

Children are strong, capable, resilient, sponges, and eager to learn. The younger they are… the more willing and happy they are to be around their parent, be helpful, and learn. Allow your children and your life to EVOLVE by making a mark of structure, discipline, and self-care early in their life. Your guidance, their know-how, and your support will a powerful benefit on their self-sufficiency, self-esteem, self- respect, and their respect for you as they grow from children to teens, to men and women, with their own lives and families. As a child/teen, what was expected of you in your home? What is the hardest part, for you, regarding disciplining your children? Do you know your partner’s answer? Enjoy you evolution and Happy EVOLVING!!!

written by: Andre Young

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