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You Evolving Now Blog – Other Feelings Have Value!

Ever since “the pursuit of happiness” was added into the Constitution, it has been an obsession to find happiness, be happy, and remain happy. You may find yourself in this rat race of thinking you need to, should be, and deserve happiness at all times. When you stop feeling happy, something must be wrong… wrong with your relationship, your job, or your life. It becomes unacceptable to feel anything other than happy. This leaves the question, “What would it take for YOU and the world to be happy all the time”? Everything would have to go your way and their way… all the time, nothing could go wrong, everyone would understand and agree with you, and your definition of the universe would have to be correct. Sounds crazy huh?

The truth is, when you’re happy and those you care about are happy… life is pretty amazing! But, happiness tends to come and go very quickly and is not the only feeling of value. Happiness depends on external factors in your life to go your way and you FEEL happy for a moment… hopefully a long moment. However, happiness is not supposed to last. Can you imagine how inappropriate it would really be of you were happy all the time… at a funeral, when your friend tells you the worst news ever, at the loss of a loved one? Happiness has its place, but so do the other feelings.

There is value in frustration, anger, sadness, and worry (to name a few). Finding and using their value is the hard part. Frustration lets you know that you care and can at times show your weak points as something to strive to improve, change, or give up. Anger, if handled appropriately, is a great release. Sadness, allows for reflection and care for someone or something lost. Worry can either cripple you and send you into action to protect and/or prepare. Keeping your eyes and heart wide-open as you go through these feelings and time of your life will allow you to EVOLVE and assist others when it’s their turn to experience them.

Happiness is an awesome feeling, but JOY is what you really value. You cannot be happy all the time… that would be odd. But you can be joyful at all times. Joy is internal, at state of mind, and a state of heart! You chose to be grateful and in love with life and all it offers. Even in the worst times… joy and its cousin gratitude will always provide perspective and take you through both the good times and hard times. Enjoy your evolution and Happy EVOLVING!!!

written by: Andre Young


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