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You Evolving Now Blog – Show the Dream!

Your dreams are the most important thing you have. It gives you vision into all that you can be, all that you desire, and hopefully a kick in the butt so you can go achieve it. The interesting thing about dreams is… you may never achieve it, touch it only for a second, or flourish and live in it for a while… but if you’re not careful dreams can be fluttering and let you down. How? You’ve spent all your life with your head down sprinting after this dream… you finally get there and it’s not what you thought it would be, doesn’t make you feel the way you thought it should or would… or something happens and it’s taken from you, or your dream changes. So, what to do?

You must first have a dream… what’s your dream or goal? You must then show yourself your dream. You do this by doing something about your dream every day; making you better, more prepared, and the dream a realistic thing. It’s important to add people to your circle that dream like you do and are moving in a successful and positive direction. They don’t have to have the same dream (sometimes it helps), but people that will inspire, uplift, and kick you in the butt! Next, be around your dream… whatever it is… be around it. The experience of being in close contact with your dream will either break you or motivate you, but at least you know where you stand or if it’s time to get another dream.

Lastly, and I can’t stress this enough. If you are a parent… show your children their dreams. If they want to play in the Pros… adopt a new language of “When”, not “If”, express the importance of daily diligence toward their craft, take them to elite camps away from their friends and fooling around with the familiar, introduce them to people that know more than you (you’d be surprised how far a simple conversation can go, also giving them skills to converse on another level), take them to their dream, show them stadiums… even if you can’t afford to go in… just show it and stand in front of it. You play many roles as a parent sibling, friend, etc… apply this to every relationship you are in. Your husband, wife, mother, sister have dreams… do you know them? How can you help?

It’s great to dream about specific achievements. But most achievements are a moment in time; providing you with great memories and sense of pride. It’s important to enjoy the journey not just the feat. There are amazing people you will meet along the way… when the moment is over… those relationships will last you longer and sometimes mean more than the achievement.

Lastly, to protect against the dream let down… dream about what kind of man, woman, or person you want to be… what lifestyle and personal attributes YOU will bring to the important relationships, job, and life you desire; impacting those around you in ways they never imagined. This type of dream will last longer and have impact way past your initial achievement dream. What’s your dream self… in all the roles you play? Enjoy your evolution and Happy EVOLVING!!!

written by: Andre Young

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