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I’m Andre Young, author, speaker, and Founder of You Evolving Now, LLC since 2011. It’s my mission to impact lives and relationships of people everywhere; allowing individuals to live the lifestyle of their dreams! As a Personal Growth and Relationship Growth Expert; I have taken my 19 years of experience as a Mental Health Therapist focused on marital, individual, and group counseling… along with my life experiences, and created a movement of Positivity, Personal Growth, and Relationship Growth designed to impact Employees, Athletes, and YOU! It’s important to note… You Evolving Now is NOT therapy, but is therapeutic in nature, powerful, and lifestyle enhancing! You will not be labeled, no stigma for your involvement or the waiting room experience, and only positivity and growth focused as my Dreamleader Team and I impact YOU as a Person, Partner, Parent, and Professional! EVOLVE with my 7 Ways to Love, Speaking Engagements, Employee Growth Packages, Forum-Style Seminars, and more! Let’s be “Better”… not just “Busy”!


You Evolving Now is a life-Enrichment company focused on Positivity, Personal Growth, Relationship Growth, and Lifestyle Enhancement; allowing men and women, students, employees, and YOU to EVOLVE and live the life of their dreams in all aspects of life and roles you play as partners, parents, professionals, etc. My various Membership Packages offer several options ranging from my free Personal Growth App, YEN Push, for your iPhone for your daily evolution, Website Video Content, our Life-Enrichment Club with Forums and Events, Employee Growth Packages, Athlete Growth Curriculum,  and Virtual Mentoring Sessions along with my You Evolving Now Dreamleader Team!

The expectations of members are few, but powerful: personal accountability, respect for others (members, family, friends, co-workers, strangers, exes, etc), a daily willingness to evolve into your best self in all the roles we play and creation of an all around healthy living lifestyle and mindset.

You Evolving Now’s year is from September to September. There is open-enrollment throughout the year, each membership ending on the corresponding enrollment date. The annual membership fee is $24.99 per month (Full+ Membership) or $5.00 per month (Website Content Only Membership); automatically deducted from a checking account. (8 Forums, 4 events, and discounted Retreat/Seminar prices).

You Evolving Now’s life-enrichment site, multiple divisions, Life-Enrichment sessions, and Forums are the crux of what we are and what separates us from the average. Forums allow men and women to explore important and rarely discussed topics—making us a Life Enrichment club with a purpose!

We are always pleased to welcome new members to You Evolving Now Contact us to find out more.


Andre Young

You Evolving Now  Founder & CEO

Email: menandwomen@youevolvingnow.com