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Be Better – Andre Young

Nothing works better than just improving your product. – Joel Spolsky. This quote is important in business, but also in all roles we play as individuals, husbands/boyfriends, wives/girlfriends, professionals, siblings, etc. How could our lives improve, how could our relationships improve, our businesses if we just worked on improving ourselves and our product instead of trying to change and control others?


Throughout my twenties and up until my 30th birthday, I thought and behaved like a “boy”. I was about myself and having a good time. As a “boy” my idea of a good time was drinking, partying, and hanging with others that felt the same way. I did not have a drinking problem, but I certainly became a problem when I drank and had to suffer the consequences of that within my relationships, reputation, and legally. At some point….enough had to be enough. At 30 years old, I made the best decision of my life to eliminate alcohol from my life while out in the community with friends. This decision allowed me a whole new prospective; I was able to see more clearly; the nights I thought were fun and the places I visited were harmful, disrespectful, and damaging to my life, relationships, future, and profession. From that moment on, I started to become a “Man/Adult”.

Over the next several years, I learned the important of balance, I learned my limits in all areas of my life, and took charge of building my team of friends and how I chose to “hang-out”. Proudly, at age 35 I declared myself a “Man”. I based this declaration on my satisfaction in all the roles I played as a person, son, brother, boyfriend and later husband, father, etc. Of course there is always room to EVOLVE, but I respected the lifestyle I was living and others around me began to respect my new choices and positive lifestyle. I chose to view myself as “the product” and in choosing to improve the product every day, I have given the gift of success to myself, love and respect to my wife, leadership and love to my children, influence to my members, and hopefully an impactful mission to the world. What gift will you give those close to you, once you decide to be better?

How does this relate to business or your role as a professional? Every day we must focus on improving our product. Not just with our ideas of what is best, but rather focusing on the needs of our customers, family, friends, partner, etc. What are their needs of you or a product? Then find a way that you or your product can impact that need. I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments at or Happy EVOLVING!!!

Be Better - Andre Young


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