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Fears – Andre Young

Fear is an interesting thing and I believe everything has a positive and negative. The positive of fear is that it helps to protect us and keep us safe. Fear heightens our senses and can allow us the ability to protect and survive. However, the negative of fear is it can paralyze us; keeping us still in the face of life, adventure, and sometimes our own success.

As a boy, I was fearful of water. As a young man, I was fearful intimacy, being made a fool of in relationships, and infidelity. As a football player, I was fearful of the big hit. As a man, I’m fearful of not providing my children with enough powerful experiences that will mold them into capable, responsible, and successful adults. In 2013, I faced a near death experience. I suffered a ruptured ulcer and was septic for two days with 80% kidney failure. It was a pain I cannot put into words; as I collapsed on the hospital floor and drifted in and out of consciousness there were two fears and concerns that continue to motivate me today. Did I do enough to raise my kids the right way and did my wife know how much I loved her. As I laid on the hospital floor all I remember in telling my wife I loved her and called my children to speak to them. I remember saying to each of them… “Do you remember what I taught you”.

Sometimes our biggest fear is not failure; rather the consequences of the failure and a loss of control. I wasn’t fearful of the water; I was fearful of drowning. I wasn’t fearful of intimacy; I was fearful of being hurt. I wasn’t fearful of dying, but rather not doing enough as a man, husband, and father. Nowadays, I make the most of every opportunity and face all fears with my eyes wide open. Taking in all the great, the good, and the bad of each experience. There is something to be cherished and learned from all people, events, and fears faced. True living begins after facing your fears and finding out it didn’t break you! I’m not suggesting you go out and tackle your biggest fear today, but I do ask you… What fear is holding you back from living your life to the fullest as an individual, wife/girlfriend, husband/boyfriend, parent, professional, etc.? What fear will you face and start living a more EVOLVED lifestyle? Happy EVOLVING!!!




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