M&W Blog – Success (Pt. 1)

Recognize Opportunity – Andre Young

Find somebody who has what you want and do what they did – Said Every Successful Person. Simply wanting to be successful is not enough. We must first have vison, be willing, have a formula, emulate a process that has been successful, and find it a way to make it your own. I will discuss my steps for success in upcoming blogs, but today I’d like to share the beginning of my Success Formula.

My definition for success is, making a bold impact in the lives of others; in turn having a positive and powerful impact in life, my family life, and lifestyle. If I can make a bold impact in my wife’s life, my kids, a stranger’s, etc and in turn enhance the quality of my life personally, professionally, or spiritually; then than is my definition for success. If this resonates with you, please use it to EVOLVE into your best self! If not, I encourage you to develop your own definition of success and use it to impact those around you and yourself.

Now that we have our definition of success; it’s important to have a formula for how to achieve it. I have shared my formula at many speaking engagements and am happy to now share it with you. Here we go…Recognize Opportunity, Embrace Obligation, and Understand the Opposition.

There is opportunity around us all day and every day. In order to be successful, we must be willing and able to connect with those around us. When I first started my business, I found myself only talking to those I thought were interested and fit the mold of my vision. I spent the rest of my time looking down at my phone doing business, but missing all of the opportunities around me. An example, I was at my bank making a transaction. A bank manager said “Hello” and I responded “Hi, how are you”? This led into a twenty-minute conversation as he commented on my suit, his day, then his life. I later shared my business and mission with him and gave him a business card. A month later, I visited the bank for another transaction and the bank manager was present. He shared that he bought my book (EVOLVE) and enjoyed answering the questions and it allowed him to think about his life in a different and enlightened way. I understand we don’t all have books and businesses, but we all have our experiences and the ability to connect with others. This brief interaction with the bank manager created a positive impact in his life, the life of his wife and children, and positively impacted my business with another book sold and positive reputation within my community. What opportunity is within your grasp right now? In what way can you connect in a more positive way? Stay tuned for my next Blog and step two; Embracing Obligation and how to connect. Share your comments with me at www.facebook.com/menevolvingnow and www.twitter.com/dremenandwomen. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy EVOLVING!!!

Success - Andre Young


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