November 11th, 2018 – Life Enrichment Video – “Give and EVOLVE!!!”

November 11th, 2018 - Life Enrichment Video – “Give and EVOLVE!!!”
how you evolving our family
I’m Andre young founder of you evolving
now and welcome to the life tip of the
month the life tip of the month is give
give when you can and what you can
because you can you might be wondering
why I had this twenty dollar bill all up
in your face and space at the start of
this well the truth is this twenty
dollar bill right here I have in case
that I have it up in my section so I can
always see it in my face this twenty
dollar bill was given to me by a
co-worker of mine years ago when I was
going through my toughest time as a
person as a man as a father and not
having finances to feel like I was a
breadwinner or a supporter and can do
anything and barely feed myself and my
children a co-worker
knew I was going through a tough time
when we were in the room alone he
reached into his pocket and he pulled
out a $20 bill and he said Andre I know
what you’re going through I don’t want
this to come across as disrespectful but
I want to give you this and I don’t want
you to pay a bill I don’t want you to do
anything that you have to do I want you
to take your kids out for pizza or
and I was embarrassed I didn’t want to
take it but I took it I humbled myself
to take it and that $20 changed my life
in two big ways one I was able to take
my kids out of a two-bedroom apartment
that we were all crammed in and eating
the same thing for dinner every night
and drinking water because there was the
cheapest thing that we can afford and we
were able to go out and we had pizza and
I tell you what this $20 what the best
pizza I’ve ever tasted in my life and I
remember my son saying dad can we get
soda and for the first time in a very
long time
I was able to say yes one of the most
powerful yeses
ever been that able to set second thing
that I learned from this $20 is to give
and do it humbly and not expect anything
in return so not too long ago I met a
gentleman and I went to the ATM because
I didn’t carry cash on me and I gave him
$20 and I wanted to gift him that same
experience not sure what he did with it
but I know it felt good to give and I
hope he enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed
it and it meant to me so the like tip
tip of the month is to give because you
can and to make impact in somebody
else’s life now maybe it’s $20
maybe it’s money maybe it’s advice maybe
it’s time but whatever it is give to
someone that you’d normally wait and
give to that wouldn’t expect it and will
bring value so guys thank you so much
for tuning in I will see you next time
have a fantastic rest of your day and
enjoy your evolution bye