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The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes – Marcel Proust – When has your perspective changed about a person, place, or thing… allowing YOU and your relationship to EVOLVE? What was the biggest lesson learned? Do you know your partner’s answer? Your kid’s? – Scroll down to read today’s You Evolving Now Blog!

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 Lead with H.E.A.T.!

Most people can manage, direct, and give orders. But not everyone can be a leader! A leader is someone who inspires, cares, connects, projects their vision, lives their vision, and builds their people, team, families, partner, and themselves. When you lead… lead with H.E.A.T. and EVOLVE!

H – Humble. Remember, you didn’t make it this far all by yourself. There have been many who have crossed your path, both positive and negative; offering learning experiences to make you the YOU of today and tomorrow. Stay humble and remain dedicated to your ability to positively impact the lives of others… not living off of the validation of your title. Jobs and titles can easily come and go… but you have YOU forever.

E – Excitement. Be excited about the life you get to live. No one wants to follow a leader who complains and hates their life, their job, their relationship, etc. If you don’t currently like your life… change it! If you can’t, find the positives and work to change YOU! As you go… your team will go… so be excited about the journey. Realize things will change, as nothing can ever stay the same forever. So, find the positives in the change, focus on the bigger picture while paying respect to the pain and struggle of the little picture… and help your team to move forward! Negativity is like quicksand and will swallow you and your team quickly if you stand still… move on, move forward, and with a positive attitude!

A – Anticipate. You are a leader… you must anticipate the peaks, valleys, storms, positives, and negatives of situations. Stay ahead of your curve by setting time to EVOLVE. You can do this by intentionally reading, learning, and being inquisitive about your craft, business, team members, family, etc. I am a father of three and a leader in my home. It became an easier transition (I say easier… not at all easy) when my kids became pre-teens and started that weird journey into adolescences. I thought my first child had actually lost her mind and herself, but by the second go-round… I was much more prepared and anticipated the behaviors, attitude, need for privacy, and all that comes with the dreaded teen-age years! Anticipate the needs and wants of your team and be a leader that is proactive instead of stuck in reactive mode. It’s hard to move forward when you are always cleaning up messes!

T – Tough Teaching. There are times as a leader when you must have that tough conversation, say the tough thing, make the tough decision, and teach that tough lesson. Do not hesitate… most people know when they are wrong or insufficient in an area and expect the tough talk to happen. When it doesn’t… YOU have given permission for it to continue. Do it now, do it respectfully, be clear, concise, and be sure to get clarification. Make your positive observations, address the concern, seek understanding into the issue, “How can we address this so it no longer is an issue in the future?”, restate the plan, thank you for having this conversation with me, I know it’s not easy, and follow up in a specified amount of time.

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written by: Andre Young








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As an author, speaker, and Founder & CEO of You Evolving Now, LLC it’s my mission to impact lives and relationships of men and women everywhere; allowing YOU to live the life of your dreams! My 7 Ways to Love shares how to have an EVOLVED relationship with your partner, those close to you, and most importantly, YOURSELF! I am excited to present the 7 key points that prove to make or break relationships and life satisfaction. As you read and EVOLVE, I encourage you to think about the message, ponder my questions, and most importantly live your answers!