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You Evolving Now Blog: Design Yourself!

Remember when you were a child… the role models you had? Perhaps it was a sports star, a super-hero, cartoon character, etc… you imagined you were them and literally played it out with your friends and in your daydreams. Your role model inspired you by displaying whichever attribute you held dear, defending themselves and others, and upholding their values. As you get older, it can be easy to lose sight of your role models… as you go through he teen age years when your friends are everything, your 20’s when the opposite sex and your idea of success may be everything, your 30’s and 40’s when you are too busy with your job, kid’s, and schedules… only to look up and later in life with, hopefully, with the time and money to enjoy life. I see my fair share of older individuals enjoying the time they’ve earned, but I also see my fair share who think life has passed them by, given up, or settled for their current existence because it’s safe.

If this doesn’t sound attractive to you… GOOD! The truth is… you get to design yourself and your life, no matter the age. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the ball rolling because you are focused only on the bigger vision. Yes, the bigger vision is the first step and will provide motivation, the second step is actually DECIDING to become, leading to the next… designing yourself! Yes… YOU get to build YOU.

Let’s go back to those role models… there are special people all around you. They range from famous all the way to your next-door neighbor. Select the people you admire and the admirable attributes they possess that will add to your life. If I were to pick; I’d select my wife’s attention to detail, my brother’s ability to enjoy the moment, Lebron James’s (pro-basketball player) ability to lead and display greatness, my father’s patience, my mother’s stubbornness to live HER life, my co-workers ability to “Dreamlead” others every day, an ex-co-worker’s ability to get things done without procrastination or complaints… just to name a few. Now that you have selected your models and their attributes… it’s time to implement.

Simply focus on one attribute at a time. Perhaps, today or for the week, you will focus on attention to detail, or no procrastination, or being a “Dreamleader” for others… whatever you select… DO! Do in with intent, pride, and purpose; allowing you to EVOLVE into the person you want to be. You’d be surprised how the new YOU will attract success, the right people, and a better life! Enjoy your evolution and Happy EVOLVING!!!

written by: Andre Young











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