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My biggest fear is living and dying unfulfilled – Andre Young- What are the top three things on your Bucket List? What step, big or small, will you make toward your bucket list TODAY? Do you know your partner’s answer? Your kid’s?- Scroll down to read today’s You Evolving Now Blog! – Patience Power!

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You Evolving Now Blog: Patience Power!

Hurry up and WAIT!!! You’ve been there… waiting for something you’ve really wanted in life. Whether it was for that right job to present itself, that promotion, that great guy or girl, waiting for your kids to “get it”, or waiting for your significant other to be what YOU want them to be. Waiting is a part of life and there is no way around it, but if all you are doing is waiting… you will lose! Imagine yourself sitting in the waiting room of your life… simply waiting for everything to be just the way you want or need it to be. One, will it ever happen? Two, how can your stagnation prepare you for what you THINK you want? So, waiting is not want you need… Patience Power is!!!

Patience Power is your ability to wait with action, purpose, intent, and humbleness in a 3-Step Process. You must first decide if what you what is truly worth waiting for. Are your wants, needs, and expectations for yourself or others realistic, fair, and doable. Yes… you can achieve what you put your mind and effort to… but limitations are real and need to be evaluated. A 50-year-old man who has never done a push-up has a severe limitation of making an NFL roster, but better chances of playing football on another level and living his dream. Is what you want, need, or demanding from others… realistic, fair, and doable. You know who they are. You are entitled to want… but do they have to match the picture in your head perfectly… how can anyone do that… and if they can, how long can they sustain it?

Second… and I’ve written about this in previous Blogs… Acknowledge, Accept, Decide, and Do! While you are being patient. Acknowledge who and where you are in life and say it aloud. Saying in aloud makes it more real to you… are you close or far to where you want to be? Accept who you are and where you are in life… and say it aloud. Decide what you are in control of and chose to focus on a point of impact. Perhaps you will tackle the hardest things first, the easiest, or the things you dislike the most. Either way… make this process a daily habit and find a way to do it with purpose, joy, and reward yourself! This is important… if YOU are wanting and waiting for someone else to change… this still applies. Acknowledge who and where they are in life. Accept them for where they are and who they are… write a list of 25 things you love about them and give it to them without expecting anything in return. Decide how you will love them, even though you don’t like the circumstances right now. Lastly… DO with LOVE, not frustration… and do it every day!!!

Third, while you’re waiting, make sure you are EVOLVING! Many people have their idea of the perfect job, mate, etc… but when you get it, will you be ready, will you be the person they’d want to be with, are you ready for the success you think you want or deserve. Patience Power involves you EVOLVING with intent in every role you play and aspect of life. Be a constant learner of your craft, of the people around you, grow as you read, and gift the people around you by building them up, and creating an aura that people… including your kids, your boss, your partner, you co-workers, and even strangers what to be around!

The way that life works, you are going to have to wait… You have a choice to simply wait or use your new Patience Power! Enjoy your evolution, Happy EVOLVING, and become a You Evolving Now Member today to EVOLVE your life, your relationships, and YOU with my Virtual Mentoring, our adult community club, monthly Forums & Events, Retreats, videos, and more at !!!


written by: Andre Young






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