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You Evolving Now Blog: The Credits of Your Life!

You watch a great movie, it has you on the edge of your seat, you are in awe of the special effects, the quality of writing, and storyline. The movie ends and your bummed because you want more, but are in that silent state of reflection. That’s a heck of a movie! Then those pesky credits role and everyone gets up and exits the theater or waits for the credits to be over; eagerly awaiting outtakes and more!

Isn’t it a shame the credits don’t get more respect! Those are all the people it took to make that great movie. It took an enormous amount of effort from each of those hundreds of people to write, design, create, and organize such a gem. Each person played a specific role for a certain amount of time to give you an experience that took your breath away. Your life is the same way! At some point, there will be an end… and the credits will roll. There are so many people and experiences; both negative and positive that have contributed to YOU and your life. You will also be in the credits for the ending of other people’s lives. What role you play is up to you!

It’s important from time-to-time to intentionally review the credits of your life with insight and gratitude. Who motivated you, inspired you, who kicked you in the butt when you needed it, who was fun, who hurt you and what did you learn? The people in your life and the events you experienced will either make you bitter or better… but again that’s up to YOU!

Lastly, intentionally decide what role you’d like to play in the credits of other’s lives. The best way to end up on the positive side of this is: be positive, be a Dreamleader (see my 7 Ways to Love Book), challenge them to be their best selves, and focus on fulfilling their deepest need. Those credits wind up becoming more and more important and no one can avoid them… let’s make sure they are of quality so you and others can live the life of their dreams! Enjoy your evolution and Happy EVOLVING!!!

written by: Andre Young






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