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For Your Athletics!


Evolve & Lead Program!

Enhance your student-athletes, your team, and your culture with Andre Young’s powerful, high-energy, interactive, and introspective program! Allow your players and team to evolve as they become more self-aware, learn about their teammates, bond, and build a positive and winning culture. The time is now to get great and focus on improving the overall leadership skills of your athletes, their personal leadership skills, and their sport/life harmony!


Andre Young meets with your team 3xs throughout the year! (2 off-season visits and 1 in-season visit):

  • EVOLVE & Lead – Athletes share their dreams, goals, and learn their expanded definition of success, they learn to eliminate and replace “Bully Langauge”, The 5 Points of their Day, and How to Get Great using the most powerful question in the world, “The Get’Great Question”!
  • Your Sport – Athletes discuss and explore their love of their sport, their Vision & Vision Factors for the team, and the impact of The 4 C’s: Consistency, Confidence (how to increase it), Construction Talk, and how to Compete!
  • Breaking Through Average – Athletes discuss and learn how to break through an average mindset; evolving how they manage their Time, Love, and C.H.A.N.G.E.!
  • All Sessions – Begin with the P.O.W., led by Andre Young to engage, bond, and unify your team, coaches, and players! Sessions will conclude with Accountability Homework as attendees share their Biggest-Takeaway and what they will do about it!


Andre Young is a professional speaker, author, and trainer; impacting the lives of your leaders, employees, individuals, and athletes forever; in all roles they play as individuals, teammates, students, future professionals, sons/daughters, siblings, boyfriends/girlfriends, and future husbands/wives! He focuses on positivity, personal leadership skills, daily leadership skills, and sport/life harmony; allowing your athletes and coaches to live the life of their dreams!

Unfortunately, so many athletes over-identify with the one role of… “The Athlete”. The problem is… while they are being “The Athlete” and when their athletic days are over, there are important roles and aspects of themselves that haven’t gotten a chance to grow. Evolve with Andre Young’s unique impact and you are welcome to create your own program to fit the needs of your team and university.


Note: Universities and coaches are encouraged to create a package that best fits the current needs and concerns of students/players and Contact Founder, Andre Young, for further information.

610-406-1852 or

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