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EVOLVE with You Evolving Now at your site! We are all busy… sometimes too “Busy” to be “Better”. Allow your Company, Teams, or Students to enhance their work/life harmony, school/life harmony, and leadership! You Evolving Now is a life-enrichment company enhancing individuals professionally and personally. The focus is to provide your people with the knowledge, motivation, how-to’s, and opportunities to live their best lives! Studies suggest that if the well-being is undermined, key organizational performance factors can be negatively impacted. By maintaining good emotional and psychological health for your people; the more positive your culture!


Great for schools in the month of March… the longest and hardest month of the academic year! Leadership is a choice… whether you are in a position of leadership professionally or on the front lines at work; the grind comes for us all. The grind won’t stop, will not stop, doesn’t plan on stopping, and will run you over if you let it. So, what to do? Learn how to survive and thrive through the grind and in spite of the grind. Especially if you are in the business of providing direct care: nurses, mental health professionals, teachers, correctional officers, etc. These individuals are on the front-line daily; let’s enhance their work/life harmony, leadership skills, and your organization as they learn how to Survive the G.R.I.N.D.!

  • Learn the 3 G’s of Grinding!
  • Learn, Use, and EVOLVE with the best interactive “Rating-Question” of all time!
  • Learn and Evolve with the definition of Leadership!
  • Learn how to nurse yourself through the process of the grind; also learning the world-famous “H.U.R.T. Leadership” Concept!
  • Learn how to design the life and lifestyle of your dreams; professionally and personally!


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EVOLVE with 7 Ways to Love! You are either in a relationship, just got out of one, or about to be in one… so let’s do it right! Although 7 Ways to Love was written for those in intimate relationships, you are also in a relationship with many others… as well as yourself; and many of the 7 Ways apply. EVOLVE as a person, partner, parent, and professional as you learn to Get Your Triangle Right, how to become a Dreamleader, engage in Construction Talk, and more!

Love is not just a feeling… it’s a verb! Love is something you do; if it’s something you do… you can do it great or you can do it poorly. These are the 7 Ways that make or break relationships; allowing you either the relationship of your dreams or peace of mind knowing you did everything YOU could control!

  • Get Your Triangle Right – The first Way of Love; EVOLVING you, life, and your 4 P’s: as a Person, Partner, Parent, and Professional!
  • Relationship Board Meetings – Implement these simple meetings into our 4 P’s and save some headaches!
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Let’s dispel some major relationship myths; enhancing work/life harmony!
  • C’s the Relationship – Allow these three C’s in your home and enhance our work/life harmony!
  • Construction Talk – Learn how to “Build” in your 4 P’s by enhancing our language!
  • Be Bobblehead Free – Learn what and who to avoid… and what to seek and how!
  • Be a Dreamleader – Learn how to put the cherry on top of any and every relationship in your 4 P’s!


Great for Athletic Teams; let’s break through average… average thinking, average output, and an average life. There are many reasons people choose to remain average… as it’s certainly easier and more fun in the short-term, but always proves to be costly in the long-term! Let’s go from average to good, good to great, and… Yes, great to amazing! Are you, your company, employees, team, or students ready to get great, be great, and stay great; enhancing true Work/Life Harmony? Then Breaking Through Average is for you!

  • Learn how to get great, stay great, and what’s beyond great!
  • How to increase mental toughness to power through self-doubt, adversity, and rejection!
  • Learn the “Get Great” Question and other Leader’s Questions to get the answers you want and need to EVOLVE!
  • How to stand out as a person of significance with an EVOLVED vision, ENHANCED digestion, and G.R.E.A.T. output!


We all have them… those relationships we’re in as a Person, a Partner, Parent, and/or Professional that are not the best for us; leaving us feeling negative, unfulfilled, or simply yearning for more. I have found most of us are friends with people just because we have been friends with them or surrender to our environment only to drone in unwise relationships. Well, no more! Learn with Andre Young how to EVOLVE your relationships and your life by either enhancing existing relationships and prepare for an evolution! My 5 Steps does not promise perfect fairy tale relationship; rather peace of mind you did what was positive, healthy, and necessary for the person you are becoming!

  • The Side-Pull! – Learn the first step to this sensitive process!
  • The Positive Sandwich! – EVOLVE with the simple, but “Powerful” tool; allowing you peace of mind no matter what happens!
  • Alter Options! – EVOLVE as we to diversity our portfolio! 
  • Live Your Best Life! – Learn how and why to live our best lives while going through tough times!
  • Expand! – Learn the power of expanding our experiences and lives; EVOLVING us in our 4 P’s 


Are you ready to EVOLVE!

You Evolving Now’s mission is to enhance Leadership and Work/Life Harmony for Companies, Employees, Teams, and Students!!!


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