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When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier - Roy E. Disney - What's your biggest value as a Person, Partner, Parent, and professional? What will you do about it today?

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On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most), how important is money to you? Why? Whether your answer was a 1 or a 10; and whatever your reason, we can’t deny money is important as a tool for to live a desired lifestyle of FREEDOM. As I’ve evolved, so has my definition of success. Younger, my answer was to play in the NFL, then it was to get my desired job. There are positives and negatives to everything; the positive of “Success” is once we achieve it, it will makes us feel accomplished and worthwhile. The negative of “Success” for most people is… our answer is very singularly-focused. Most people will define “Success” by being able to chase and catch the one thing they believe will make them happy… and this definition will not be enough in the long run! One of three things will happen with this definition:

1. We achieve our definition of “Success” and we are not the person we need to be to enjoy it or keep it!
2. We achieve our definition of “Success” and it’s not all we thought it would be; leaving us depressed, lost, and frustrated!
3. Or… We achieve “Success”, we are the exact person we need to be to enjoy it and keep it…. And BAM life will blindside us and change everything. This may not occur for some time, but it is what life does.

My evolved definition of “Success” is… I want the freedom to do what I want and when I want as a Person, Partner, Parent, and Professional. At some point, this Freedom, is going to cost money. For some, it may cost a lot. For others, not as much. Can you imagine knowing what you know now about money, saving, and investing… and had the ability to go back and tell your younger self. Well, that’s not possible… but it is for our kids!

I often write, speak, and present on Leadership, but leadership extends outside of the business realm, coaching a team, or leading a school. We are also leaders in our home as parents and our children’s financial literacy and success is our job; leading them to a future of true Work/Life Harmony. If their money is right as young adults and adults; they can stay in a job out of love and perhaps not feel pressure to leave jobs, job-hop, or advance simply for increased pay. They can provide for their family with less financial stress and the stress of parenting; which are the number one and two cause of unhappiness in relationships. So, let’s DO leadership and give our household, our children, and their future a financial education!

My financial checkbook gets the heck beat out of it at the end of every year as my children’s birthday all fall at the end of November and the middle of December… then here comes Christmas! Wow!!! A few years back, my kids became too cool for gifts and started asking for money. Cash made sense as they celebrate their birthdays and Christmas in this one big lump and more importantly…took away the dreaded shopping list (I still get them a little something… it feels good!). But, there’s a problem… they had cash with no plan. So, what to do?

Every year, the kids count their money and split their money into three parts. Not equal thirds, but three pools.

Pool 1 = Money to spend for something they want now. They are good kids and it would be cool for them to treat themselves to something they really want for their special day or Christmas!

Pool 2 = What money do you want to set aside for later in the year? With their birthdays in the winter… summer is far off, but coming. I love my children, but I don’t plan on being the Bank of Dad every summer!

Pool 3 = What money do you want to invest? This is the life-changer! Once they decide how much they’d like to invest, we schedule a trip to our Financial Advisor’s office, the kids bring their money, and we all sit to make the necessary arraignments. Of course, if your child is under the age of 18, it will have to be through you but your advisor will explain. The important part is… every year or when they receive money or begin to work… you have created a powerful habit that will compound over time. The simple fact… a regular savings account has a rate of return of less than 1%; allowing your money to double every 72 years… while some Mutual Funds have a rate of return of maybe 8%-10% that doubles every ten years, give or take, was a no brainier for me! This Kiddie Investing has created a habit for my kids, an education for my kids, the ability for them to comfortably walk into a financial establishment, and a future earning they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Whether my approach is for you and your family; I implore you to start something! The future is coming and now that you know… you can’t unknow. Don’t let your “Busy” beat you, your kids, and their future. Financial services are everywhere and eager to assist; find one that fits who you are, your goals, and your numbers… and be sure your children are a part of the process so they will have the evolved “Success” and FREEDOM we all seek!

If interested in learning more about how money works, connect with our You Evolving Now Financial Dreamleader, Jon Conover with any questions you may have at

written by: Andre Young

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written by: Andre Young 

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