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I'm Andre Young, speaker, author, and Founder of You Evolving Now. I’ve worked as a Mental Health Therapist for 19 years, been an employee, business owner, and self-employed, lived in inner-city row homes to  luxury homes, been married, divorced, and remarried, played sports at every level from high school to professional, written 4 books, have four amazing kids, a wonderful wife… and the truth is… no matter where you go, people are the same as they are different and most would like to EVOLVE in their 4 P’s as: People, Professionals, Partners, and Parents, but are too busy being "Busy" to do so. Let You Evolving Now meet your people and Leadership Team where they are; on-site, at work or at school, to enhance leadership and work/life harmony for companies, employees, teams, or students with speaking engagements and leadership programs!

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We’ve all been there… out in the world amongst the masses of people at the mall, the store, school, etc. Within the experience of people-watching and herding along with the masses; one thing continuously stands out and shocks the heck out of me every time it happens… People funneling through doorways… only using one of the doors! Have you seen this; a line of people both coming and going… using only one of the two available doors?

The next shocking thing to occur is… as I’m a part of the mass of people approaching the doorway to either enter or exit; I simply test the other door… it’s NEVER locked! What a mind-blowing phenomenon to experience; watching so many people come and go without the thought of ever trying the other door, an easier door, a door that’s literally right in front of their face!

You may be experiencing this as a professional; everyone doing tasks and protocol the way it’s always been done… simply because it’s always been done that way. Perhaps, you’re experiencing this in your relationship or relationships; the monotonous droning of the daily routine. The great thing to know is… As a leader, whether in your own life or in a position of professional leadership, there is another door, it’s not always locked, and it’s imperative you test the handle! So, how to do it?


Leadership starts with vision. However, it’s important to remember that your new vision of change and wanting to shake things up is exciting and intriguing to you, but maybe not to everyone else. You are not the only leader at your company or in your relationships. Things have been done a certain way either out of past reasoning, necessity, ease, or sheer conformability. Not everyone is ready or eager for the other door to open or the new idea. Therefore, our ability to not only share our new vision, but also to understand the existing vision of the organization or others is monumentally important!

As a leader, begin by seeking clarification of the overall vision, the process, and “why” it’s done the way it is. You may learn information that helps you to understand the bigger picture more clearly or suddenly recognize flaws in the system that you can assist with. Now you’re ready to share your vision and offer suggestions to become an asset to enhance instead of destroy.

I’ve utilized this both professionally and personally. I once worked for a company whose goal was to positively impact the lives of youth in the community. However, much of the job description and duties of the day entailed enabling clients; allowing them to not show up, not to participate, and staff chasing clients; with no client-consequence for lack of participation or follow through. It was in obvious contradiction of the mission; leading to staff burn-out, a toxic work-culture, and clients ill-prepared for the “real world”.

From a personal perspective, years ago, my wife and I decided to build our home. Anyone that knows me knows I despise home-improvement projects; and anyone that knows my wife knows she is all about home-improvement projects. My vision was, we finally built our house… let’s relax and enjoy each other and life! It became frustrating to have the home of our dreams, but not being able to spend the time with my wife as she was hard at work decorating each room to the hilt. Being mindful to understand my wife’s vision…  she wanted to finish decorating the entire house so we could settle, have a child (now 3 months old!!!), and not have to work on an incomplete house with an infant needing all of our time. We’re not the only one with a vision… As leaders, remember to be mindful and curious about the vision and “Why” of others; allowing increased understanding!

“The Question of Opportunity!”

After you understand the vision of others and have shared your own… it’s time for the “Question of Opportunity!”. It sounds like:

“I enjoy working here and understand the vision is _____________. I’d like to, _________________. Is there a way we can combine these and make the biggest impact for who we serve?”


“I love our relationship and want us to keep moving forward. How can we combine our vision and have the best relationship ever?”.

This is brainstorming-time and you will find out a lot about yourself and others during this time! Either things will change… or they’ll stay the same and you will have a decision to make. Either way… you tested the other door!

It's important to note: One day you will be in a position of leadership and someone will have their own vision and will ask you "The Question of Opprotuntiy!". As a leader, now you know... an inquisitve nature isn't always a challenge or insubordination!


This is brainstorming-time and you will find out a lot about yourself and others during this time! Either things will change as new ideas are introduced… or they’ll stay the same and you will have a decision to make. Either way… you tested the other door and allowed for your vision and leadership to live!

Remember, is what you’re asking for reasonable, doable, and fair for the organization or person? In my earlier example about the company; my vision and ideas made logical sense, but went against every ideal that formed the company, their mission, and allowed for its annual funding. My changes weren’t going to happen; therefore changes had to happen within me and I had a decision to make:

  1. Accept and enjoy the positives of the job, smile, do my best, and be my best.
  2. Offer a trial with a small sample size to see the benefit or lack thereof. I actually did this at a different job and was granted the ability to run a small program with my new ideas and concepts; benefiting the organization with what came to be known as You Evolving Now!
  3. Or, leave the job… but being miserable and becoming a negative cog in the system was not a choice I was going to make!


As a leader… sulking, droning, and constantly complaining about your situation is not an option…. and only tends to make everything worse anyway! You are not a part of the droning and negative herd; filing through the same door, doing the same thing, and destined to have the same outcome. Therefore, it’s decision-time… test the other door! Whether you decide to stay or leave… what’s the plan? How do you want others to see you as a Person? As a Professional? How will you display personal leadership and show up in your job, in your relationships, and in your life in a way that others what to follow because they enjoy and respect how you are and who you are?

"One day you will be in a position of leadership and someone will have their own vision and will ask you "The Question of Opprotuntiy!". As a leader, now you know... an inquisitve nature isn't always a challenge or insubordination!" - Andre Young

written by: Andre Young

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