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It's wise to direct your anger towards problems not people; to focus your energies on answers - not excuses - William Artur Ward - What does your anger look like in your 4 P's? How does it hurt? What will your change? Do you know your kid's answer?

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Regret is an intense and powerful word… and I don’t like to use it, but there are periods of my life I wish I had done more, been more, or simply done differently. I think we can all acknowledge and identify with that! Returning to my alma mater with my wife and children bothers me to this day… as my name isn’t on anything. No trophy, plaque, best at anything award, or taking it up a few notches… a building or stadium. Although I put countless hours of practice and work into my sport and craft; I failed to ask an important question to further my development, reach my goals, and fulfill my potential. Now, as a speaker and consultant, working with students, athletes, employees, and executives… I find that they too fail to ask this same great question. It’s not a lack of intent or ego… but rather an obvious oversight that costs the fulfillment of potential. What is this question… it’s called the “Get-Great” Question!

We must first acknowledge and understand not everyone desires to get or be great… some are content with being on the team, have that job, or be in a relationship. Greatness is a choice, a passion, and a daily commitment; so this question is not for everyone. But, if it’s for you… then it sounds like this as you are speaking to your employer, supervisor, coach, partner, your kids, etc.: I want to be great; the greatest __________ . Can you help me? What do I need to do to become better and great?

This question is simple, yet powerful because sometimes we need to make our leaders lead us and make our coaches coach us… but it doesn’t end there and we need to be prepared for how to handle what comes next!


If we are bold enough to ask the “Get Great” Question… we must remain bold enough to hear the hard and honest feedback. Maybe the feedback is pleasant, maybe it’s harsh, maybe you believe it, or maybe their response of what they need from us or out of us is out of the bound of what we want or are willing to do. All of that is ok, because at least now you know the answer as to what is needed most from you in order for you to make the biggest impact! If you want to be better or great… most of us are willing to put in the more, extra, or different work that WE are ok with putting in; but what if our leader/s need or the people we care about want and need something different. The question for ourselves become: “Is what they want from me reasonable, doable, and fair?”. If so, DO IT… and do it to the point it pushes you a bit out of your comfort zone; but not so much you wind up hating it and resenting them. If not, you have a decision to make… stay the same or move on!


What if the person you asked the “Get-Great” Question to says, “Everything you’re doing is perfect and no changes need to be made”. The challenge here is not to accept it! I repeat… do not accept it! We must realize a couple of things:

1. You have been thinking of this “Get-Great” Question for some time; practicing how to say it, when to say it, and possibly a game plan of how to respond. REMEMBER this is the first time they are hearing it! Some may say you are doing great because they mean it… or because they are on the spot, don’t want to hurt your feelings, fear how you may take truth, haven’t had time to think, or simply in a hurry or have a million-long thing-to-do-list in their head and struggling to fit this bombshell of a question in at the moment.
2. If this happens… give the person permission to think about it. This let’s them know you are serious about whatever answer they give! It sounds like this, “Thank You for saying I don’t have anything to improve or I’m great (paraphrase), but I really want to know because I want to be the best worker, player, husband/wife, boss I can be. I’ll ask you again tomorrow and if your answer is the same, then great! If anything ever changes please let me know”.

This is true power; as it’s not what we are doing, but what we are willing to do, add, subtract, and become to enhance ourselves, our team, our relationships, and our lives!

Look back into your life when you were in school, playing sports, got that job, and in that relationship… can you imagine asking this question back then, getting an honest answer, and you being the person that could handle the answer, apply it, and EVOLVE!

I speak with employees and athletes all the time by the hundreds and ask how many people in the room have asked this question to their boss or coach. On average, 2 people in the crowd raise their hand… it never ceases to amaze me! We cannot change the past; every action and inaction has brought you to who you and where you are in life right now. Use this question as the magic and the power to enhance your ability as you marry your superpowers, desire, and drive to another’s (job, team, coach, partner, etc) needs and watch what happens! Enjoy your EVOLUTION!!!

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written by: Andre Young

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written by: Andre Young 

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