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A Leader’s Greatness; 7 Steps to Getting Great!

“That’s how you be great!”… this is the quote that motivates me the most and echoes in my head when it’s time to step-up, perform, and make an impact in any area of my life or role I play. As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I’m lucky the quote originated from an Ex-Steeler after making huge plays to win the Superbowl. Santonio Holmes, a wide receiver on the 2008 team, made huge plays and did not shy away from “greatness” as he made one of the most prolific catches of all time to win the Superbowl. He was taped on the sideline yelling… “That’s how you be great!” and it continues to inspire me to this day. Whether your version of greatness is catching a ball for your team, initiating and completing that big project at work, that promotion, providing for or doing for your family… GREATNESS is available for YOU! However, many are scared to try for it… because they may fail. Many will avoid it… because of the consistent hard work and dedication it takes. Many will say they don’t really care… because they or others don’t believe in them. And, some will avoid greatness… because of the pressure of living up to a new standard. If YOU are ready for greatness…motivated, tired of excuses, and willing… then keep reading as the 7 Steps is for YOU and your EVOLUTION!!!

Find Your Passion and your Why!

Rarely is someone great at something they don’t have a passion for. It is possible, but wouldn’t be much fun. Find your superpower… the thing you do great professionally and personally, the thing you do great without thinking, and choose to develop it. We don’t have to be great at everything… find YOUR thing and choose to get great at it!

It always helps to know WHY you do your passion; what you love about it and what you get out of it? How does it make you feel? What impact do you or can you have on others? Yes, the road to greatness will be exhausting and demanding at times; it will also be fun and is always more meaningful when your “Why” is an impact for others… not just yourself. Perhaps your “Why” impacts your employees, co-workers, teammates, a problem in your community, or a problem you struggled with in your past and now you have an opportunity to make a difference.


Greatness will require your willingness! We must be willing to do and sacrifice something that others won’t, in order to get to places others won’t. You may sacrifice your time, partying, expensive habits, or maybe even a relationship (due to poor timing). In the process of achieving greatness, some of these things will be easy to give up, because you know with all of your heart you are destined to be more, do more, and impact the world! Other things will be harder to dismiss… at some point, you will have to stand your ground and explain to someone special (a friend, partner, boss) the importance and significance of your path. Compromises can be made, but not to the point that we ever sacrifice our dream and our purpose… whether you become a multitasker, stay up later than everyone else, or wake earlier than everyone else… YOUR GREATNESS must be serviced by YOU… and the focus is on a willingness to live the process!


Knowledge is power! It is up to you to know YOUR craft, inside and out! That catch by Santonio Holmes to win the Superbowl was not an accident. How many countless hours of practice, route running, catches, and studying with his quarterback did it take to create make such a legendary performance? Whatever your definition of greatness is… become a master of your craft! Remember… Competence creates confidence!


Potential will eventually mean nothing without proof! You may have all the potential and knowledge in the world… but the person that goes out and proves it at work, at home, school, or in their sport will get the glory! Greatness will only be achieved by APPLYING what you know and what you have practiced. Don’t be afraid to do and fail; the alternative is not doing at all or not performing to the best of your ability due to fear… which will always lead to regret!


Dedication may sound redundant to Application, however I promise it’s not! There are many “one-hit wonders” out there… in the music world, athletics, business, and in life. This is no slight to them… I’d rather be a “one-hit wonder” than a “no-hit wonder”… and “one-hit wonders” do get remembered! However, a taste of success and greatness can leave many feeling satisfied and resting on their laurels. Failure isn’t the only thing that can be scary… Success has defeated its fair share of people, teams, and organizations; ask Blockbuster Video! Stay dedicated to your goal and your vision after you’ve succeeded. You don’t want to focus on doing something great… focus on BEING great!

Positive Mindset

It sure would be a shame to achieve your definition of greatness and success only to look back with memories of being stressed, frustrated, annoyed, tired, and miserable. Think about it… if you feel that way while trying to achieve it… what do your employees, boss, team, significant other, your kids, co-workers feel?

Greatness and triumph are exceptional feelings, but a whole lot better with other people there to enjoy them with! Maintain a positive mindset as you get out of bed in the morning until you retire in the evening. How do you stay positive during the day? What habits will you create to maintain positivity in your life? I have a mantra every morning when I out of bed… “It’s time to get great!”. I say, “Happy whatever day it is” to others throughout the day… reminding me to be joyful and enjoy the beauty every day has to offer! I also only follow positive people on social media… so when I scroll, it’s all positivity and beauty!

Do It!

There’s no time like NOW to start! Many will wait until they think the time is right to begin their process for greatness. Life moves fast and you never know what’s waiting around the corner. Your definition of greatness can’t wait one more second! Whether you start big, small, leap, or baby-step… do it NOW, be consistent, and enjoy the process! Although you’re chasing your definition of greatness… remember… YOU are already great! Revel in all the great and quirky that is YOU; as self-love will make the journey so much sweeter. Lastly… Marry your dream; not the path you think will take you there or even more dangerously… the path you think you deserve! Start your 7 Steps now and enjoy your EVOLUTION!!!

“Marry your dream; not the path you think will take you there or even more dangerously… the path you think you deserve!”

                                                                     – Andre Young


written by: Andre Young

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