A Leader’s Training; Leaders need coaches too!

If there’s one thing leaders and successful people know is… You can’t do it alone! There’s no doubt a person with natural leadership skills and determination to be their definition of “successful” can go far. You CAN go far by yourself, farther than you thought you could go, and farther than others thought you could go! However, at some point of going at it alone, we plateau. Perhaps due to the high level of effort it takes, energy, time, and mental brainpower to do everything alone; or due to the volume of work and details your success will continue to demand… making it nearly impossible to keep up or maintain everything. Either is a problem; a good problem, but still a problem! So, what to do?

A Leader’s Training

Leaders understand the power of seeking growth; professionally and personally! There is power in intentionally reading books, watching videos, and listening to podcasts to enhance your craft! There is even more power in seeking actual training and mentorship! I am honored and blessed to work with companies and teams big and small, their leaders, leadership teams, and employees to enhance leadership skills and more. True Leaders are ok with knowing they don’t know everything! They are willing to enhance their superpower and also add to their arsenal of leadership; allowing them to evolve and make a more influential impact on their organization, their team, and in their personal lives. Remember, leaders create leaders, not followers! Find someone that has been doing what you do, longer or at a higher level than you’re doing it, ask questions, and listen…. Then decide what and how best to apply!

I’ve had the benefit of this twice over the past several months; reaching out via social media to one person and accepting a lunch with another. In both cases, they were further along in the process than me… and each person imparted at least two jewels that added such immense value to my professional vision and what I am now able to offer others! As a leader, be mindful to seek and accept training, coaching, and mentorship and view it as a gift for yourself, your people, your organization, and your future!

Apply Consistently

When I was a kid, there used to be a cartoon called G.I. Joe. In every episode, the good guys fought the bad guys and at the end of the show the leader of the Good Guys would say, “Knowing is half the battle!”. That stuck with me and that saying will last the test of time… Knowing without doing is pointless and I’d argue it’s worse than pointless… it’s disrespectfully irresponsible. Once you know what’s good for you, your future, your people, your relationships, why it’s good, and how to do it… and you DON’T do it… what else would you call it?

Once you’ve sought and gained the knowledge… it’s time to apply it consistently! You will have to determine what “consistent” means for you. Is it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly? Whichever you choose, be sure it makes sense and has a high value of impact and results for all intended targets… including YOU!

I visit companies often to share my Leader’s 7; the 7 Languages their people need, want, and benefit most from hearing from their leadership… and their leaders benefit from hearing from Employees. As great a concept it is… if the leaders of the company believe they have to speak it every day to every employee… it won’t work, because that level of consistency is unrealistic. Rather, I encourage they select 1-2 people within the organization daily. That 5-10 people impacted per week. That’s doable! Identify what consistency means for you and DO IT!

Tip: Applying anything new is always going to feel awkward and fake. Don’t let this stop you! It may make sense for you to share with others you are doing something new you learned through a training, class, etc. This Preface Statement makes them aware it’s new, why it’s new, and labels you as an intentional learner and doer!

Let it Evolve

Now that you’ve sought growth and are applying it consistently… it’s time to let it evolve! This is a fun time because you have made the process your own. Doing something consistently breeds confidence. If you shoot 300 jump shots (and make more than you miss) it’s hard not to become more confident in your shot. You’ve made the necessary adjustments to your form, you know where your spots are on the floor, and when it’s time to shoot… it’s automatic!

Now that you have the benefit of consistency and confidence; become comfortable meshing your style into the process… allowing the process to evolve to fit and address the needs of your organization, your people, your teams, and your life!


Lastly, leaders and successful people understand the journey is never over! Every victory is a milestone to be celebrated, but a spot to stay and live. REPEAT suggests you go back to the beginning of the process to seek growth, training, or mentorship in a new area. You’ve gotten great at one thing and honed your superpower or address a glaring need in your leadership and life… where else can you focus, enhance, and impact your organization, Teams, and your vision? Seek new growth, apply it consistently, let it evolve, and repeat… That’s how leadership is done! Enjoy your evolution!!!

“Knowing without doing is pointless and I’d argue it’s worse than pointless… it’s disrespectfully irresponsible”  – Andre Young

Written by: Andre Young

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