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G.R.E.A.T. Leadership; Greatness is not an Accident… Here’s How to Do It!

lets get great

GREATNESS… what a word! It represents the pinnacle and triumph of our efforts over a task, a wish, a dream, or desire! To be revered for achieving, overcoming, and our continuous grind to excel. As a Pittsburg Steelers fan, I remember my team winning the Superbowl and their star receiver making several big plays at the end to win the game… he was later videoed on the sideline continuously yelling, “That’s how you be great!”. The truth is, we all have greatness in us… some of us are ready to let it out, win our definition of “Superbowls”, and scream it from the rooftops; while others are nervous, scared to fail… or scared to succeed, don’t know how or where to start, or have an unrealistic vision of what greatness is for themselves… wanting to live someone else’s vision of “greatness”. If you’re ready and willing… Let’s Get G.R.E.A.T. and do so beyond the one vision that pops in our heads. What does “Greatness” look like for you and how to do it professionally and personally?


G. – Glow

The first thing we must do is get the glow! What? In the 80’s there was a movie called “The Last Dragon”… I know, “cheesy”, but still a classic! In the movie, once the Kung Fu Master mastered his craft, he earned a glow and everyone knew his power. Have you ever seen someone enter a room; you didn’t know who they were, but you knew they were somebody and someone you wanted to meet? That’s the Glow!

We achieve that Glow by being willing to perfect our craft; building our confidence not our arrogance… exuding we are comfortable in who we are, what we can provide, and maintaining a positive attitude in all days… not just the “good” ones! Whether you are the custodian, the CEO, middle management, a parent, partner… dedicate yourself to being the best, dedicate time to learn more than you need to, dedicate time to learn what others need and deliver it, and smile while doing it… This tops off your glow! Remember… without daily effort the Glow cannot maintain and becomes more potential based… and potential does not equal greatness. Greatness is consistent… There will be ups and downs; as life is a rollercoaster and we are all human beings, but be consistent in how you arrive, how you attempt, and your efforts to enjoy and overcome!


R. – Respect

Have you ever wanted to meet your favorite celebrity, only to find out or be told how rude, disrespectful, or arrogant they are? How’s that feel… Disappointing right? It doesn’t take away from their awesome ability, but it sure doesn’t complete the circle. Respect simply means we are treating the people around us: our co-workers, employees, employers, teammates, partners, and family with honor, effort, and respect for them as the people they are. Yes, some people will make it harder than we’d like it to be… but Respect doesn’t mean we have to date them! It means… we recognize them as a full person, with a life that exists beyond us as a person, partner, parent, and more. It means we do our best to understand and respect their “Why” allowing more empathy; allowing us to simply smile, use our manners of “please”, “thank you”, and hope you have a “great day”!


E. – Expectations for Ourselves

In my book, 7 Ways to Love, I share how most of us are quick to marry and make vows to another person and relationship, before ever thinking of making vows to ourselves. To be great or our greatest self, we must first make some vows to US and set some expectations for ourselves and our lives. These expectations may change over time as we change and evolve, but having an expectation sets a standard to maintain, strive for, and also will work to weed the negative people or things in our path. Hopefully your company, team, or school has a standard and expectations… if they don’t or they are too low and you desire to be great… I’d start asking myself what you’re doing there and what’s your plan to EVOLVE?


A.– Accept Challenges

No one or anything stays the same for long. After a while, we are either getting better or getting worse; or at the least… we’re changing.  Accepting challenges keeps us fresh, thinking, motivated, inspired, curious, and can set new expectations we never thought was in our realm. This is not to be confused with accepting every or any challenge… rather, the challenges introduced or suggested on our desired path to greatness that stretch us a bit out of our comfort zone!

When I first started my business, I made tons of personal growth, relationship growth, and lifestyle enhancement videos. I enjoyed the process and still do… I love how I feel and think after doing a video; as it’s difficult to consistently say positive and powerful things and not live them! However, in meeting with a consultant, he strongly suggested I start writing. At the time, I just developed my website and without written content there would be limited SEO’s and other stuff I had no concept of.

I was tremendously against writing to say it lightly. I had spent over 15 years, at that point in my life, as a Mental Health Therapist and didn’t want any more paperwork EVER AGAIN!!! But… he strongly suggested I write three times per week and post it on my site. So, very reluctantly I did. So reluctantly… my first blog… I set a timer to see how long the damage would take. To my surprise… it took about 25 mins. I had no frame of reference if that was good or bad, but I knew I could sacrifice it… and it wasn’t that bad. Four books later, with one on the way in December, and another the year following… I love it, can’t stop, and wouldn’t stop. Who knew! This challenge was aligned with my vision for impact, I accepted it, and Boom! Writing may not be the challenge you decide to accept… but something is!

What challenges do you accept Personally, Professionally, Parentally, and in your relationship?


T. – Taint the Water

Simply said… Greatness taints the water! When greatness enters the picture, the room, the organization, a team… you feel it, can’t deny it, and things are different. Greatness makes positive change, sets new expectations, and is ready for more! There will be growing pains; as everyone doesn’t want to be great, not willing to change, or pay the toll. That’s ok, because greatness already knew that. There will be people professionally and personally that are ready right now… awesome! There are others on the fence… Good! And there will be the negative Nancys and Nicks… Noted! My Leader’s 7; learning the 7 Languages people want, need, and benefit most from hearing from their leaders can help with them and everyone; making it easier to understand, connect, and motivate. But… the most important thing to remember here is… Make an impact in the people who are ready! It’s difficult to do it for EVERYONE; as everyone isn’t ready for your greatness, your drive, your mission. Timing is everything in people’s lives and not everyone will complete the journey with us; it’s your job to still exist and be great when the non-ready get ready so they know where to go! Taint the water at your job, in your home, in your relationships and be G.R.E.A.T. today and every day! Enjoy your EVOLUTION!!!

Written by: Andre Young

Enhance Leadership and Work/Life Harmony in your Organization, your Leaders, Employees, and Teams with Andre Young’s Speaking Engagements, Evolve & Lead Training Programs (on-site, online, or virtual), and1-on-1 Growth Sessions!

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