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What is happiness? Do we all deserve happiness? In our United States Constitution, it reads, we are entitled to the right to pursue happiness. But what is it and how would we know if we caught it. I researched the meaning of happiness and joy; finding most references define them the same way. As a state of pleasure, delight, bliss, or contentment. Although both offer some of the same feelings, I beg to differ that they are the same.

Many of us know the feeling of happiness. During happiness, we are usually participating in an activity we enjoy, are with people we enjoy, in a great environment, and reveling in the moment. By my definition, that is what happiness is! It’s a wonderful feeling and an enjoyable moment, but it’s fleeting. We have to do something and be in the right circumstance to get the reward of happiness. Once the moment is over… so is the happiness. So, like a drug, we have to continue to chase the high. We have to chase the perfect job, the perfect income, the right person, vacation the right way, etc.! “When I get this… then I’ll be happy”. Or, “If I could only…, then I’ll be happy”. “I he/she would only do…, then I’d be happy”. Chances are, we would be happy for a while, then add more demands in order to chase the next happiness high.

Joy is different. Joy is what you feel in your heart, mind, and soul regardless of the outside world. Things could be great, things could be bad, but we are content and at peace with a positive, understanding, and realistic view of our world. Joy is not conditional; it comes from a positive mindset, acceptance of life’s rollercoaster, and a willingness to live your best life through it all. Yes, joyful people should get sad, angry, and hurt, they are human emotions to be respected… but joyful people honor all of our feelings and refuse to live there.

Some people find joy within themselves through faith or meditation. I personally have found joy through respect. My business is people and impact…finding a way to respect (not condone) everyone’s “Why”; there reasons for their thoughts and behaviors, has helped me minimize resentment and frustration. Developing understating increases empathy, and decreases anger. Happiness comes from outside. Joy comes from within. Both happiness and joy are wonderful aspects of life to be enjoyed and treasured, what things make you happy? How will you work to become more joyful? Do you know your partners answer? Your kid’s? Share your thoughts at www.facebook.com/menevolvingnow or www.twitter.com/dremenandwomen . Happy EVOLVING!!!

written by: Andre Young

Happiness vs. Joy - Andre Young


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