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The Ways of 7 Ways to Lead!

I’m excited to announce my newest book, 7 Ways to Lead, is now available for pre-order! Enjoy the journey of becoming a leader, evolving your confidence, gratitude, learning effective daily leadership skills, how to take risks, how to create a team, and how to speak the language of every person on your team; enhancing your Leadership & Work/Life… and theirs!
Way 1, A Leader’s Preparation! Leadership is a mindset, a task, and a privilege that most people must prepare for. Very few are born natural-born leaders… and even they must hone their skills and adjust their crown as they go through the inevitable twists and turns of life and leadership. In Way 1, learn how to prepare your mindset, your personal leadership skills, and develop an arsenal suitable for “new leadership”. Whether you’ve been leading for a day or forty years… “New Leadership” can happen in the blink of an eye. Perhaps you are on the fringe of a promotion, transferred to a new branch or facility, starting a new job, inherit an existing team, starting from scratch and constructing your own team… A Leader’s Preparation sets the foundation for your Leadership & Work/Life Harmony!
Way 2, A Leader’s Gratitude! There’s a chapter in this Section called, At Gunpoint. You know the leaders and employees within your organization that act as if they were awakened at gunpoint to come to work to do the job they applied for and accept a check from once every two weeks! Sometimes this is an organizational problem that needs to be addressed to better care for their people. However, it boils down to better Personal Leadership Skills; how do leaders and employees show up to their work, their relationships, and their life in a way that makes people want to follow because others enjoy and respect how they are and who they are! Evolve your gratitude to enhance your leadership, work/life harmony, organization, and your life!
Way 3, A Leader’s Confidence! Yes, leaders can struggle with confidence too! Perhaps you were recently promoted to a position of leadership, promoted from Middle Management to C-Suite, taking on something new, or starting somewhere new… the list can go on. The point is, how do you evolve your confidence to be the leader you know you can be, but most importantly the leader your people and organization need you to be?
Way 4, Daily Leadership! Whether you’ve been leading for one day or forty years, there’s always room to evolve your leadership skills! This section explains effective leadership skills when used daily or consistently enhances your leadership and the leadership skills of your people; allowing you to become the leader you can be proud of, your people value, and your organization needs!
Way 5, A Leader’s Risk! As a leader, your leadership will show itself in two major times; when times are hard; as your team is focused on being “busy” and staying afloat instead of being “better” and when things are going great and your people are ready to coast. Way 5 shares how to take R.I.S.K., how to manage C.H.A.N.G.E., and how to lead when you’re H.U.R.T. Leadership isn’t for the weak; or you won’t be leading for long!
Way 6, A Leader’s Self Care! It’s hard to give what you don’t have. Too many times, great leaders like yourself will sacrifice so much of themselves for the good of the organization, their people, family, and their definition of success (money, promotion, title, raises) only to burn-out; leading you to an eventual adult temper tantrum of what you feel you deserve!
The organization suffers as an inspired and motivated leader may become burnt-out and leave. Or even worse… they become burnt-out and stay; negatively impacting everyone and everything in their path. The point is… self-care isn’t a luxury or something to feel guilty about doing. It’s a necessity! Learn my Permission to Pause, how to Stop Drowning in 5, and more… allowing you the leadership skills and work/life harmony to be the leader you are capable of and that your people need! Pre-Order your copy today!
Way 7, The Leader’s 7; the 7 Languages your people need, want, and benefit most from hearing from leadership… and how to speak the 7 in casual times and in those “tough conversations”; enhancing leadership & work/life harmony for you… and your people! Everyone likes all 7, but each of your people has a Top 2; know what they are, speak it, and watch as you and your leaders are better able to bond, influence, impact, and motivate… getting the best out of your team and the best for the organization!
The Leader’s 7 is Andre Young’s most famous speaking engagement, training, and concept for leadership communication and is now available in his book, 7 Ways to Lead! Per-Order your copy today and enjoy your evolution!
Written By: Andre Young
Pre-order your copy today
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