A Leader’s M.O.V.E.; The 4 Keys to Moving, Physically & Verbally, Like a Leader!

Most leaders are on the move… and at a rapid pace! Don’t believe everything you see on social media… where those in leadership positions and entrepreneurs are somewhere on a tropical island, having drinks out of coconuts, and living large off of their passive income business! This may be true for some, but believe me, the majority are not. The majority are men and women working in organizations, teams, and in middle management… and they are either constantly on the move from meeting to meeting, visiting other offices and sites, traveling for business, to conferences, then back home to a family that acts as if they weren’t just on four planes and jet-lagged, only to hop in the car to take their kids to some sort of sporting event or practice… OR… they are sedentary due to increased hybrid and remote work and are on 17 virtual calls per day, getting unhealthier by the minute, lonelier by the minute, then off to take their kids to their extra-curricular activities, and repeat! Sound familiar?

Although what I just shared sounds really hectic and crazy, I love my life as a leader and wouldn’t trade it for anything… however, our sanity, our leadership, and our work/life harmony depend on HOW we move to do it; not simply that we’re doing it! Let’s dive into how to M.O.V.E. like a leader; allowing you to enhance not only your Leadership & Work/Life Harmony, but also that of those you’re leading!

M. – Move Your Body!

Whether you’re physically jet-setting around the world for business or huddled in your closet… now your make-shift office on Virtual Calls all day long… there’s a massive amount of sitting going on. From professional and personal experience, I know it’s hard to eat healthy on the road. Not always because there’s a lack of options, but because they’re so many cool ones! I was recently asked to speak at an HR Conference and had a layover at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. If you’ve never been, it’s my second favorite airport (sorry O’Hare) simply because of the amount of food, restaurants, and specific Chicago Style food. I can either pay $15 for a salad or $15 for something I’ve never had and can’t get anywhere else. Then… you visit a new city and want to experience its food and restaurants, then the conference host a dinner, I could go on, but you get the point! A lot of fun, but it can get unhealthy really quick! Or, you’re working from home… and I don’t know about you, but the candy and snacks in the pantry speak to me and are always available, Lol! The point is, as leaders, we must be more conscious of moving our body!

Literally, move your body to intentionally and consistently do some form of exercise… whether it’s a walk, push-ups, a modified program, or the most intense CrossFit workout ever… SOMETHING! We must also intentionally move our bodies towards more healthy choices. I’ve seen family and friends have fun in their youth and middle-age years making unhealthy decisions; only to have to pay for it on the back end; making all they’ve achieved seem unimportant in comparison to their failing health… and all the money they made becomes payment for healthcare bills.

The second big impact of moving your body is it helps to decrease anxiety and stress; while increasing confidence! As confidence grows, and is paired with excellent leadership ability, it makes it easier for others to want to follow you… Be Mindful!

O. – Move with Optimism!

It would be a shame to be healthier, in a leadership position, and have your people and team cringe every time they see you coming! Have you ever had a boss or coworker this was true for? Make sure you’re not that leader!

Be optimistic about where you’ve chosen to work, chosen to stay, and accept a check from once every two weeks! I’m sure they’re numerous positives occurring on your team right now… from the people, their professional and personal lives, projects, and more! Seek the positives, share them, celebrate them, ask about them, and encourage them.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t things worth venting about, but you’ll have something to vent about no matter where you go! Get another job, there will be perks and something to deal with and lead through! Get a new partner; there will be perks and things to deal with a lead through… you get the point. CHOOSE to be optimistic in your current situation and watch how the right people, coworkers, bosses, and customers begin to MOVE toward you… and the Negative Nick’s and Nancy’s begin to MOVE away!

V. – Move People with Your Verbal!

Leaders are busy… and too many times leader and employees are too focused on being “Busy” instead of “Better”! In this day and age of increased hybrid and remote work… leaders may only know their employees and employees may only know their leaders by how they are on that hour scheduled virtual call and through emails. Effective and Elite conversations and communication are more important than ever. Therefore, we must verbalize better, but how?

I rarely promote I do 1-on-1 Leadership Coaching, however, it’s a fun and enlightening experience for me and I hope for my clients. On a call, a high-level female executive asked if I thought it’d be ok for her to wear her fancy and expensive shoes (Christian Louis Vuitton’s) on stage and to conferences as the Keynote Speaker for concerns it may be perceived as “too much” and she’d be judged. I shared a certain percentage are going to judge you no matter what and to wear her favorite shoes as long as she was being true to herself, her style, and was her BEST Verbally pre-stage and post-stage! I shared, “Not only will they love your content, your delivery, and want more of you… the shoes will be the cherry on top and something they wish they had or may strive to get for themselves!”.

I’m not suggesting you show up to your company’s front-line to intentionally show off your new Armani suit. However, I am suggesting you don’t dull who you are… rather engage so positively, curiously, passionately, and in a helpful manner with your people outside of designated work duties that your shoes, your car, your clothes, your individuality becomes an accent of WOW instead of the disdain of judgement. Wear your shoes while enhancing your verbal!!!

E. – Move Your Life Forward as You Evolve & Modify!

This is the truest thing I’ve experienced over the years as I’ve M.O.V.E.D professionally, personally, and physically. As we get older… we must be willing and intentional about Evolving & Modifying our processes and sometimes our people!

I played football in high school, college, and very briefly professionally… and I can tell you I cannot do, nor will I attempt some of the training I used to do. I remember my final year of playing; I was 30 years old and my body literally gave up on me, Lol! My feet hurt, my chins hurt, going up for the ball and coming down on the turf all of the sudden hurt. That was never true before… and suddenly it was! After football, I had to evolve and modify my workouts or be in a constant pain that was no longer necessary.

Professionally, as my business grew and my Vision Factors changed… I chose to Evolve & Modify or perish. Personally… in my marriage, with my friends, what I scroll on my phone and subscribe to, even the TV shows I watched… as I grew and was looking for more… I had to Evolve & Modify or suffer the consequences of staying still, No Thank You!

Evolving & Modifying come down to:

  1. Knowing what you want and why, professionally, personally, relationally, financially, and spiritually!
  2. Being willing to let go of the “Old Way” and intentionally beginning a plan of Modification!
  3. When others are involved in Evolving & Modifying… include them in the process of why it’s beneficial for you, to them, and brainstorm ways to make a new way even better!
  4. Follow-Through and be ever-willing to Evolve the process, in business and in life, as necessary to achieve your ultimate vision. Remember a leader is always upgrading and evolving their people, their processes, and their technology!

You now know how to M.O.V.E.; moving your body, being optimistic, being positive and curious in your verbal, and Evolving & Modifying as necessary. What was your Biggest Takeaway and what homework will you give yourself to begin NOW? Remember… knowing something new, without applying that something new, can lead to nothing new!

“As a leader, don’t dull who you are… rather engage so positively, curiously, passionately, and in a helpful manner with your people outside of designated work duties that your individuality becomes an accent of WOW instead of the disdain of judgement. … Be Mindful!”  – Andre Young

Written by: Andre Young

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