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Stop Allowing an Average Life!

Life is amazing, life is odd, life is a lot of things! There are times when life will surprise you both good and bad… life can be fair, it can be extremely unfair at times. Good and bad happen to the good and bad alike. Although some things are out of your control… you tend to live what you allow.

You’re in a relationship that you continue to complain about… what are you allowing in your relationship and your life? You’re in a job you can’t stand… what are you allowing at your job and with the people with work with? You’re living the definition of an average life; droning through, no excitement, and bored… what are you allowing in your relationship, how your significant other or your kids treat you, etc.? It’s easy to look at others, blame them, and say it’s their fault… “If they…”, “They should”, or “I can’t…”. All of this may be true, but if you want a GREAT life… it’s time to do something different!

Different doesn’t always mean better, but when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, Great is good and DIFFERENT may just be a good enough as a path to a new beginning! To start your new path… you must first realize that if YOU want more, YOU have to DO more. Doing more usually includes your actions, thinking patterns, and an inquisitive approach to your new life.

Having a great life and the life of your dreams will depend on you asking important questions to yourself and others… What kind of life do YOU want; as an individual, a partner, a parent, a professional etc.? When was the last time you asked your partner… “What would it really take for US to have the best relationship ever? What about your boss… “How can I be better here or best make an impact with what I have to offer” or better yet, your employees… “What do you love most about working here and dislike most?”. These questions… and the answers are monumentally important! Even more so, is your ability to hear the answers without becoming defensive, argumentative, and destructive to yourself and those important relationships.

Actively living a great life is not for the weak! It takes risk, inner strength, determination, self-love, and respect to live the life of your dreams. It’s a good thing these all exist in you and YOU can chose to take this journey as fast or as slow as you’d like. But, today is the day for your first step! Whatever you do… if it’s your passion… make sure to do it daily, do it smart, and do it to the best of your ability! Enjoy your evolution, Happy EVOLVING, and become a You Evolving Now Member today to EVOLVE your life, your relationships, and YOU with my Virtual Mentoring, our adult community club, monthly Forums & Events, Retreats, videos, and more at !!!

written by: Andre Young

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