YEN Life – Enrichment Mentoring Sessions

EVOLVE your life, your relationships/s, and YOU with You Evolving Now’s Life-Enrichment Sessions with it’s Founder & CEO, Andre Young! Take advantage of your full-membership package and EVOLVE with my introspective, action-focused, and individually-tailored virtual sessions. From the comfort of your home… meet with me, find out your “Why”, and how to life the life of YOUR dreams! My focus is positivity, personal growth, and relationship growth. We will meet once per week, for a 45 minute session, for 4 consecutive weeks. EVOLVE further with my awesome referral team! I will walk the journey of personal growth and relationship growth with you; allowing you to live your best life… but if you are interested in fitness, finance, real estate, or therapeutic services… my You Evolving Now referral team is the best!

Your dreams are your motivating force and it takes close to 30 days to start a habit. Ready? Some people are too “Busy” to be better, but don’t fall into the trap! Register as a member and contact to schedule your sessions at

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For Life-Enrichment Sessions, please note:

  • You must register for the full You Evolving Now Membership package ($24.99 per month)
  • Sessions are a consecutive 4 weeks; on the scheduled date and time with no rescheduling; No-Shows will count as a session
  • Must download the free Zoom Application on your phone and/or laptop for sessions to be possible


Welcome to a new and EVOLVED life! Our club is focused on positivity, personal, and relationship growth; celebrating the successes of other members, discussing important life topics positively and with purpose, and providing perspective during today’s chaotic pace of life. It allows men and women of various ages and backgrounds the ability to socialize in a comfortable and non-threatening environment. Our Life-Enrichment Club provides an opportunity to be heard and encourages people to reach their full potential as individuals, significant other, professionals, parents, and all other roles you play! Members attend a monthly Forum to socialize and discuss a variety of life-topics, as well as attending our fun monthly community events (Hump Day Happy Hours, Wing Nights, Bowling, etc.!). You Evolving Now is also active in the community with monthly fun events and assist and our charity of assisting families in transition; providing gift cards for fun community experiences to recently separated or divorced men and women with children.